‘King of the Hill’ Creator Hints the Show May Be Coming Back

by Craig Garrett

Legendary writer and director Mike Judge is teasing fans with the possibility of the iconic King of the Hill returning for a new season. A new Beavis & Butthead movie has been released on Paramount Plus, and Judge is revisiting his old triumphs. It’s only natural that after the success of the Beavis & Butthead revival that Judge would be tempted with another reboot.

King of the Hill is one of the most well-regarded animated shows of the past thirty years. Fans have missed the hijinks of the East Texas Hill family since the show went off the air in 2009. Judge’s comments at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con are giving fans hope.

At Comic-Con, Mike Judge and other Beavis & Butthead co-creator Greg Daniels participated in a discussion on the film. The majority of the queries were focused on the new film and recollections of the program’s long history. However, Judge has had a prolific career since Beavis & Butthead. Mike Judge wrote and directed the iconic film Office Space. He also created the next generation of workplace comedy shows, Silicon Valley. So with the wide range of topics during the discussion, a King of the Hill revival naturally came up.

King of the Hill has a very good chance of coming back,” IGN first reported Mike Judge saying.

Is a King of the Hill revival coming soon?

The comment sent the fanbase through the roof. All year, there have been rumors about the series returning. Mike Judge’s words at Comic-Con aren’t much more than an acknowledgment that he’s open to the idea. It’s definitely not an official announcement. Still, it certainly seems like Judge might be putting things in motion.

Hank Hill’s fans would love to see him confront the many changes that have occurred in small-town American life since the series ended in 2009. Since the series’ conclusion, both the Obama and Trump presidencies have come and gone. Fans are dying to know how Hank Hill would have handled the COVID pandemic. That’s a lot for the Hill family to have experienced in rural Texas, and viewers are eager to learn what they’ve been up to. Co-creator Greg Daniels had recently speculated that the show would have a time jump, aging the characters several years. Seeing Bobby Hill as a teenager, or even a young adult would be fascinating.

There is no release date or window for the King of the Hill revival as of yet. Beavis And Butthead Do The Universe came out on Paramount Plus just a few weeks ago. The streaming service seems like a natural fit for a King of the Hill reboot. Hopefully, there will be an official announcement in the near future. Until then, the boy still ain’t right.