KISS Rocker Gene Simmons Turns Down ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Offer

by Chris Piner

For the last 17 years, Dancing with the Stars captivated audiences by showing them a different side of some of the most famous celebrities today. While some contestants had backgrounds in dance, most of them were complete novices when it came to intricate and sometimes intimate routines. Having a great balance between competition and entertainment, Dancing with the Stars has a staggering 31 seasons. Always trying to draw new talent to the show, the bassist for the iconic band KISS, Gene Simmons, recently tweeted about the show asking him to join the cast. Although only 72 years old, the singer surprisingly turned down the invitation. 

On Friday, Gene Simmons shared on Twitter that Dancing with the Stars reached out to him with an opportunity to be on the show. Given his passion for business, Simmons helped capitalize on the KISS brand, making him a multimillionaire in the process. Known for giving their likeness to Hello Kitty, when it came to dancing, he tweeted, “Thank you @officialdwts Dancing With The Stars for the offer to be on the show. Respectfully passing. Wouldn’t be fair to the other contestants. I won the Twist contest back in the Stone Age.”

Fans Weigh In On Gene Simmons Turning Down Dancing With The Stars

Gene Simmons might not see himself as an excellent dancer, but many fans chimed in, hoping the musician took on the challenge. Comments included: 

  • “Quitter, since WHEN has the mighty gene ‘the machine’ Simmons EVER backed down from a challenge. Go represent for the rockers out there and Give’em a KISS when you win the whole dam thing. And that’s why it’s good to be YOU”
  • “Well said, Gene. You would just take over the entire show, which would be very boring for people that don’t like KISS – I don’t know any, but I’m sure there are some.”
  • “Wow, that would have been awesome to see. But you’re too busy with the tour and that stuff ain’t easy.”

The End of An Era

Speaking about touring, at the end of July, Gene Simmons announced the end of KISS on the road. “Rock ’n’ roll’s dead. Beatles, Stones, Elvis, Madonna, disco, Motown, David Bowie, Kiss, Metallica withstood the test of time. Now fans stopped paying for music. It’s Internet, social media, streaming, artists earn hundredths of a percent of a cent. Can’t keep up with downloading, legislation, minimum wage laws. Write songs and be a performer, it’s now pennies for your work.”

Although not a fan of how musicians are treated, it seemed his true reason for no more tours revolved around his age. “I’m 73 soon. I carry 40 pounds of armor and 7-inch dragon boots platform heels. The physicality makes it the last tour. I can’t sit in a chair picking a guitar like blues musicians. I know you can’t stay on the stage too long. Better get off while the getting’s good.”