‘Last Man Standing’: One Important Prop Actually Belongs to Tim Allen

by Taylor Cunningham

The iconic vintage truck that Mike Baxter treasured in Last Man Standing is actually a real-life treasure of Tim Allen.

Allen’s two infamous TV characters, Mike Baxter and Tim Taylor, have many similarities. But one of the most notable is their love of cars. The Tool Time host spent hours in his garage fixing various hot rods—and often hurt himself in the process. And Mike, who was remarkably less of calamity, also stashed a few collectible vehicles in his garage.

Like a few other personality traits, the car obsession came from the actor’s real-life passions. Allen is a self-proclaimed car aficionado. In fact, his home in Los Angeles is equipped with a garage that’s larger than most people’s homes. And it’s filled with unique, one-of-a-kind vehicles that sit on display in mint condition. For Last Man Standing, Allen put one of his coveted collectibles to good use by lending it to the series.

Fans of the series may remember Mike’s green 1956 Ford F-100. The truck was perhaps his most prized possession, so much so that it stood at the forefront of the series finale titled Keep on Truckin’.

The ‘Last Man Standing’ Finale Centered Around Allen’s Vintage Wheels

In the story, just as soon as Mike finally completes his restoration on the truck, a process that took ten years, someone steals it and strips its parts. When Mike finds his four-wheeled friend, he realized it was ruined beyond repair. The crime was an analogy to Fox canceling the series. And the writers took special care to make that obvious with several one-liners.

For example, when Mike realized the GPS system was “no longer on the network,” he cried, “stupid, stupid network” as a jab at ABC for canceling Last Man Standing after six seasons. Then, his family asked him if he could find “another network,” to parallel the jump to Fox.

But Mike Baxter came to terms with the fact that there were no more networks, and it was time “to say goodbye to something that’s been a part of our lives for ten years.” And the story came to a close.

Well, that truck that served as the core of the story actually belongs to Tim Allen. When he began filming his second hit series in 2011, he drove the F-150 out of his LA home and lent it to Last Man Standing. And there it stayed until the series

When Allen wrapped up filming, he took to Twitter to praise his restored jalopy and announce that the inanimate cast member was going back to its forever home.

“And my truck leaves after so many years in this home to its old home in my car shop,” he wrote. The shoutout proved that the emotional connection Mike Baxter had to the truck in Last Man Standing was yet another connection he had to Tim Allen.