‘Chicago Fire’: One Star Played Several ‘Law & Order’ Characters

by Megan Molseed

Sylvie Brett’s mother Julie has brought some drama to the popular NBC television series Chicago Fire over the seasons. The actress, Kelly Deadmon has portrayed the mother of Kara Killmer’s character for a few episodes now. However, some fans of another Dick Wolf franchise may have immediately recognized the actress’s face when she stepped onto the screen for Fire. This is because Deadmon has also appeared in several episodes within the Law & Order world.

Chicago Fire Player Kelly Deadmon Has Played Several Very Different Characters In the Law & Order Franchise

The first time Chicago Fire’s Kelly Deadmon stepped onto the Law & Order franchise was in 2001. Since then, the Chicago Fire actress has continued to portray characters in the Law & Order universe. However, each time she is portraying an entirely new character.

Of course, this isn’t a big shock to many longtime Law & Order fans. In fact, the series has been known to recycle guest stars quite often. The franchise has even turned former guest players into full-time cast members, bringing actors back for entirely new roles.

Furthermore, the Law & Order universe has been a staple on NBC for the better part of 30 years. The original series started in 1990. It has since spawned multiple spin-offs including the current installments Law & Order: SVU and Law & Order: Organized Crime. The franchise has even brought back the OG favorite this year for the show’s 21st season. With such a wide net for acting and guest-starring opportunities, many actors have stepped into the series. And, like Deadmon, some have done this several times.

Kelly Deadmon Is A Familiar Face On Dick Wolf Franchise Shows

Sure, Law & Order has had repeat players across the franchise many times over the years. It’s not a difficult task, really. The series doesn’t attempt to do this with back-to-back appearances.

So, when a familiar face pops onto the screen, there has usually been plenty of time between the actor’s previous appearance. And, as the Chicago Fire actress says, an appearance in the franchise is a great opportunity for actors in the Big Apple.

“Seriously, if you are an actor in New York City, you always do Law and Order,” Deadmon has said about the popular NBC series.

Since 2001, Deadmon has portrayed 10 – yes TEN – separate characters in the Law & Order universe. She guest-starred three times in the original run of the flagship series, Law & Order. The Chicago Fire actress has also stepped in to portray characters in the former spin-off show, Law & Order: Criminal Intent. She has. also portrayed three different characters on SVU.