Fans React to Kelli Giddish’s Replacement on Law & Order: SVU

by Suzanne Halliburton
Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Writers for Law & Order: SVU are setting up Amanda Rollins to leave the 16th precinct. After nearly dying from a gun shot wound, the detective doesn’t want to risk leaving her daughters without a mother. She also wants to build a safe life with Carisi,

And on Thursday’s Law & Order: SVU episode, the show introduced fans to Rollins’ likely replacement, Grace Muncy. She’s already been anointed the next Olivia Benson. In this clip, you can see Benson (Mariska Hargitay) offer a job to Muncy (Molly Barrett) telling her that “listening is probably the most valuable skill you can have.”

So how did fans react? Well, they’re still seething. It’s only been a month since SVU shocked everyone by revealing that Kelli Giddish, who has portrayed Rollins for 12 years, is leaving the show sometime this fall. And it wasn’t Giddish’s decision to depart. That’s why fans are so irritated. They adore Amanda. She’s also one half of the SVU super couple known as Rollisi. Sonny Carisi (Peter Scanavino), the SVU prosecutor, plans to propose to Amanda. But when will that happen?

One fan, reacting to the Benson listening comment, wrote “Nobody is listening to the Kelli Giddish fans though. You could have just promoted Rollins and still brought the new person/people in.”

Another wrote: “Was it really necessary to fire Kelli in order to bring on a new character? SVU is always “short staffed”. Wouldn’t it make sense to have more detectives?”

On Law & Order: SVU, Benson Hired New Detective from Gang Unit

During the Thursday episode, Benson nearly lost Velasco to the Bronx gang unit, which concentrated on BX9. Mike Duarte, who led the unit, butted heads with Benson throughout the case of the week. He recruited Velasco, telling him that the two of them could try to take down the Hispanic gangs the same way Italian cops use to deal with the mafia.

Muncy was Duarte’s No. 2. But she pointed out that as the only White woman in the unit, she constantly was stuck gathering information from a gang member’s girlfriend. Muncy was a really good listener when she comforted a 14-year-old rape victim as she identified her attacker in a police lineup. Then Duarte told Benson she just hired a younger version of herself.

Muncy also could dish it back to the guys at the 16th precinct.

How Did Fans Respond to Muncy?

Benson liked what she saw of Muncy. But did the Law & Order: SVU fans?

“Good chemistry between Muncie and Olivia,” one viewer wrote. “Though I will miss hearing about Amandas love life each week.” (Check out the scene where Carisi thought Amanda looked tired at the office. He wanted to take her home and take care of her).

Then there was this SVU fan’s response: “Oh, Yeah!!! Detective Muncie permanent. Great choice. I could see her one day replacing Mariska Hargitay as the captain of SVU. She has a great screen presence and often times that is even better than talent, which has plenty of.”

Another highlight of the episode was the exchange between Benson and Rollins. The two talked at the office for the first time since Rollins’ was cleared for duty. It appeared she’d been recuperating for about six weeks. She told Benson what she felt the moments after she’d been shot. She was guarding a young witness who could testify against a powerful Russian. He’d sent his goons to the safe house.

“I couldn’t breathe … Made me think about my girls. Losing them. … I was thinking about Carisi, how I’d never see him again. … “I’ve been so careless with my life … I let my guard down, let myself be happy, for once, and this is what happens.”