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Here’s Who ‘Law & Order’s S. Epatha Merkerson Played on ‘Frasier’

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Fans of Law & Order keep up with what the show’s actors do after they leave. For instance, let’s check out S. Epatha Merkerson. The actress once had a role in the Kelsey Grammer sitcom Frasier. It’s that show’s fans who happened to make the connection between Merkerson making an appearance there and her previous role.

Actress From ‘Law & Order’ Has Memorable Scene With ‘Frasier’ Character Daphne

“This therapist is hilarious!” a thread from Reddit reads from the original poster. “(Dr. McCaskill played by S. Epatha Merkerson) Another great joke from writer Lori Kirkland, S7 E22: Dark Side Of The Moon. Even the title of this episode is brilliant.” The thread shows images of the actress in scenes with Jane Leeves, who played Daphne on the NBC sitcom. The photos have some dialogue next to them. “I’m hearing that your relatives are a source of anger for you,” Dr. McCaskill says. “So? Aren’t yours?” Daphne says back to her. “Well, they might be if I still talked to them,” Dr. McCaskill says.

One fan replies, “A top ten episode for sure….loved the moment she realized WHY she wore THAT dress…” Another Redditor replies, “THAT moment….. I still remember my heart going THUMP right there…” We do get a Law & Order fan offering up some insights on Merkerson’s role. “Who then goes on to become a police lieutenant in Law and Order and has no f*cks to give there either. I think her first episode actually has her shooting a man in self-defense”. A fan replies, “She was already in Law and Order for five years when this episode aired. But this could’ve been her side job, haha! Frasier and L&O were both NBC shows, so I’d like to believe they were part of the same universe.”

Merkerson Says TV Show Was Almost Canceled For Being ‘Too Testosterone-Driven’

This fan remembers this Frasier episode pretty well here. “She’s one of my favorite guests,” this Redditor says. “Always loved how understandingly and empathetically she leans in towards Daphne… and then says ‘I’m sorry, but our time is up.'” One fan brings up Niles. “‘I think it might be time to start calling him Niles'” is a line from the episode.

What’s unique about the actress and her time on Law & Order is she once said the show was almost canceled for being “too testosterone-driven.” “NBC was going to cancel the show because they felt it was too testosterone-driven,” Merkerson tells the Academy of American Television in an interview. “They needed to bring in women and so Dick [Wolf] decided to make the commander of the precinct a woman and then to bring in a young ADA female and that’s how Jill Hennessey and I got on the show.”