‘Law & Order’: Jeffrey Donovan ‘Looking Forward’ to Working with New Costar Mehcad Brooks

by Megan Molseed

The long-awaited 21st season of the hit NBC TV drama series, Law & Order wrapped up quite nicely for fans. There were no major cliffhangers leaving things up in the air cast-wise. However, now that the TV series finalized its return season this spring, some major casting news has since been announced. This includes the exit of Law & Order alum Anthony Anderson. And the addition of actor Mehcad Brooks to the series. Big changes that another cast member of the popular procedural series, Jeffrey Donovan, discusses in a recent interview with Cinema Blend.

Law & Order returned to the airwaves for a 21st season years after it originally went off the air. And with this return to the TV airwaves, came the return of a few series regulars. The reboot sees the return of Sam Waterston’s Jack McCoy; as well as Anthony Anderson’s Kevin Bernard.

But, shortly after the series reboot came to an end this spring, Anderson announced he would not be returning for another season. And, this left an opening in the series as Jeffery Donovan’s Detective Frank Cosgrove finds himself without a partner. This is where actor Mehcad Brooks comes in, as Brooks steps into the role left open by Anderson’s departure.

“So, I met Mehcad over Zoom,” Jeffery Donovan says of his new Law & Order costar.

“And he’s a fine young gentleman,” the longtime actor adds. “I’m looking forward to working with him.”

Jeffery Donovan Looks Forward To New Season, Even As He Says Goodbye To Former Series Costar

As with any major change to a popular series such as Law & Order, the new characters bring exciting new storylines as the dramas continue. However, that doesn’t mean the players exiting the shows don’t leave a mark upon their departure.

“I will, as will many on the cast and crew, miss Anthony,” Jeffery Donovan says of his former Law & Order partner. However, the former Burn Notice star adds that Anthony Anderson has his own reasons for the choices he makes.

“But he’s in charge of his own destiny,” Donovan relates, adding that Anderson’s role in the returning season helped to pull viewers in.

“He helped create a buzz about this first season,” the actor explains.

“Which I’m eternally grateful for,” the Law & Order star adds, joking that it was Anderson’s star power that attracted the fans.

“As we walk down the streets of New York, they yell ‘Anthony, Anthony, and the other guy from Burn Notice,'” the star quips. “So you know, his notoriety certainly drew eyes, and I’m very appreciative of that.”