‘Law & Order’ Set Shooting: Friends Speak out

by Chris Piner

Often portraying the darker side of humanity, Law & Order: Organized Crime premiered last year and focused on the common theme of murder. Sadly, on Tuesday, their imaginary crime sets turned into a real crime scene when Johnny Pizzaro was shot and killed. For some time before the tragedy, Pizzaro worked on the Law & Order sets as both security and parking enforcement. One of the coworkers named Cisco recalled his friend, who he knew since college. More than security, Cisco said Pizarro helped raise six kids. 

Not long after the incident, law enforcement closed off the area to conduct an investigation and hopefully find a motive behind who shot Johnny Pizzaro. While most pedestrians stayed inside, concerned about the once-quiet street, Pizarro’s close friends, like Cisco, stayed close by, wanting whatever information they could get about the man who casually walked up and killed their friend. Cisco admitted, “He was a good guy, not a troublemaker. This is the safest neighborhood out of all the five boroughs. New York City is unpredictable.”

Although the investigation is still ongoing, some residents criticized the local law enforcement, saying, “They wanna know what’s going on? We wanna know what’s going on! These cops are assholes, man.”

Remembering Johnny Pizzaro

Again, once being a quiet urban area, residents and business owners are pushing for a motive. But while the Police Department continue to pursue leads and search for the person responsible, the Church of Christ opened its doors to locals. The church, which is located just a short distance from where the shooting happened, offered prayer and counseling for residents. 

Taking place on Tuesday, by the end of the same day, a small memorial with candles and flowers was already erected to remember Johnny Pizzaro. 

A prime location for filming, the area hosts numerous shows like FBI, FBI: Most Wanted, FBI: International, and even Blue Bloods. While it might be nice to see top television stars walking down the street, numerous locals have complained about the unwanted presence the show brings to the area. And with the Johnny Pizzaro shooting, one business owner is already rethinking his decision to start a career there. 

The Safety Of New Yorkers Is Top Priority

Releasing a statement, press secretary for the Mayor of New York City, Fabien Levy, shared that the safety of all New Yorkers is at the top of their list. “The safety of all New Yorkers is our top priority. No shooting is acceptable, which is why we are working every day to get illegal guns off New York City streets.” 

As for the shooting of Johnny Pizzaro, Fabien Levy stated, “The NYPD is actively investigating the fatal shooting of a crew member of ‘Law and Order: Organized Crime’ early this morning. We offer our deepest condolences to the victim’s family, friends, and coworkers during this difficult time, and will work diligently to bring the suspect to justice and stem the tide of gun violence we are seeing.”