‘Law & Order’ Star Camryn Manheim Reveals Secrets Behind Maintaining Balanced Life Amid Hectic Schedule

by Taylor Cunningham

Law & Order star Camryn Manheim has a hectic schedule between her filming commitments and non-stop personal life. But according to a recent interview, through it all, one simple trick helps her maintain a “joyful” and calm personality—organization.

“Being organized is a huge part of self-care as far as I’m concerned,” the 61-year-old told Yahoo Life.

Manheim strongly believes that every facet of life can be simpler and happier if people prioritize their responsibilities and keep their day-to-day life in order.

When it comes to paying bills or visiting the doctor, “just get it done,” she said. And if you make promises to friends or colleagues, make those a priority.

“I’m never late because I hate that sick feeling of making somebody wait for me,” Manheim admitted. “And listen, there’s a lot of things that I could be doing better. But when it comes to being organized, that’s one thing that I think really serves me and my mental health. It doesn’t cost any money to be organized. That’s the beauty of it. Just get it done, and you will be free from those burdens.” 

Thanks to Her Balanced Routine, ‘Law & Order’s’ Camryn Manheim Doesn’t Need Spa Days

Because the Law & Order star always puts responsibilities first, she has time to relax and enjoy herself. And she’s certain that her a-type personality has made her a more pleasant person to be around.

“I am one of the more joyful people I know. And I try to move toward joy,” she shared. “I try to find the joy in everything. … I can’t be happy all the time because the world is suffering. There’s so many people who are suffering. And to be happy all the time would be to not recognize how hard it is for so many people. But what I try to do in my life is to string as many joyful moments together, as closely as possible.”

Outside of playing Lieutenant Kate Dixon on Law & Order, Camryn Manheim spends most of her time in the audience of Broadway theaters, catching up with friends, or spending time with her son Milo Manheim. And it’s a rare occasion that the star has time to unwind with a spa day or lavish vacation.

However, Manheim doesn’t mind missing out on common self-care experiences. Because she gets the same feeling every day with her social outings and carefully-planned organization.

“I find more comfort in getting things done than I do in relaxing,” admitted Manheim. “I know that’s crazy, but that’s who I am. You know, people always inviting me to a sandy island or a beach. And I’m like, ‘No, I want to be in London and I want to see theater!’ I’m a doer. I get satisfaction from completing things and doing things.”