‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Dearly Miss This Relatable Character

by Megan Molseed

Fans of the hit NBC drama series, Law & Order: SVU are some of the most dedicated out there. Even as the popular TV procedural series makes some major changes during the show’s 23 seasons on the air. However, while the fans are dedicated to the series during these changes, this doesn’t stop many from missing some core characters after they exit their post on the popular show. This is exactly what the topic was in one recent Reddit thread as Law & Order: SVU fans remember one of the show’s most relatable characters over the years.

Law & Order: SVU Fans Discuss One Series Character They Have Missed Over the Years

Recently, one Law & Order: SVU fan posted a photo of Richard Belzer’s SVU character John Munch to Reddit with the message “Rewatching SVU from the start; I miss him.” And, other Law & Order fans were quick to agree with the comment.

“I’m doing a rewatch now too,” another SVU fan responds in the Reddit post.

“I forgot how awesome his rando conspiracy theories and one-liners are!” the commenter exclaims “Also his displays of compassion are really nice to see too.”

“That’s what made him such a great character,” another series fan says in the SVU-related thread.

“It wasn’t just the cynical snark and conspiracies – he could then turn around and be one of the most compassionate characters on the show as well,” the commenter adds. “I loved how he would stand up for issues of personal freedom as well.”

Not Only Was John Munch A Law & Order: SVU Fan-Favorite, His Partnership With Another Character Was A Major Hit

Richard Belzer’s John Munch is certainly high on the list of favorite Law & Order characters. However, much of his charm, some fans of the series note, comes from his interactions with another series favorite, Ice-T’s Odafin Tutuola.

“He was a brilliant person at the SVU,” one fan says in the thread.

“The interactions between Him and Fin are some of the best moments on the show,” the comment continues. “His character is great.”

“His interactions with Fin were the best,” agrees another Law & Order fan.

Did John Munch See What Others Didn’t See Coming?

Other SVU fans note that it was John Munch’s propensity for coming up with some pretty wild conspiracy theories. And, some Redditors believe that some of these theories have actually turned out to be true!

“I’m rewatching too, and damn Munch woke as hell,” a fan says in the post. “Most of his conspiracy theories ended up being true.”

“Loved Munch he brought [a lot] of third party things to the table from his conspiracy theories and when needed he brought his vast experience from homicide to help solve cases,” one Redditor says in the comments.

“especially loved his random cultural knowledge moments like when he cursed a Greek woman IN greek to get her information or sharing comradery with a Jewish man to gain his trust and make an ID,” the SVU fan remembers. “Also his dialogue with Fin was top notch.”