‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Are ‘Tired’ of Benson and Rollins

by Chris Piner

There are very few shows that last more than a few seasons. Due to character development, storylines, and memorable moments, eventually a show fizzles, causing fans to turn away, looking for something new. But for Law & Order, they continue to produce episodes after 23 years of being on the air. First created by Dick Wolf, the series did more than create over 1,000 hours of content as it led to numerous spin-off series. The template of Law & Order also helped shows like Chicago Fire, Chicago Justice, and FBI get off the ground. With a total of 1,250 episodes airing under the Law & Order franchise, fans of the original series are voicing their concern about the lack of diversity being seen and how many of them are dull characters. 

First posted on the Law & Order Special Victims Unit Reddit forum, which has over 28,000 members, users shared their complaints about the lack of women on the show. A user pointed out prominent characters like Amanda Rollins and Olivia Benson. They wrote, “I wasn’t a fan of Kat but it was just so refreshing to see another woman in the squad cause the last lady detective in the show was Jeffries and that was 22 years ago. I love Benson and I like Rollins but at times their characters feel very ‘Men Write Women’”.

Fans Want For Diversity In Law & Order

Other fans of the show weighed in, sharing their thoughts on female characters in the Law & Order franchise. One person wrote, “I hope I don’t sound cruel or rude but Benson, Fin and Rollins are so washed up I want some new detectives. Velasco isn’t enough and I don’t even like him”

A few fans focused on another character, Katriona Tamin, also known as Kat. Played by Jamie Gray Hyder, the actress received praise for her refreshing take on the series. “I actually really liked Kat and hated to see her go. She reminded me alot of Benson in the earlier seasons. I miss Jeffries, the times she and Benson worked together in Season 1 was awesome (girl power lol). It’s Dani Beck that I didn’t really care for lol.”

Another person added, “I think i just want to see a fresh exciting face. Loved kaldun and i wish he was more of a regular. Could use another female actor who had similar passion to a young Benson. Older Benson is just annoying.”

Being A Pillar Of The Series

Fans might be pushing for change when it comes to Law & Order SVU, but Olivia Benson, played by Mariska Hargitay, has been a pillar of the show since it first premiered. The first time viewers saw Benson on television was during the episode Payback, which aired on September 20, 1999. For those who might not know, that is the pilot episode that kicked off a franchise that continues to go strong today. So while fans suggest new characters, it was Hargitay who helped start it all.