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‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star Slams ‘MFs Trying to Make Up’ Drama Between Him and Chris Meloni

by Taylor Cunningham
Ice-T and Chris Meloni
(Photo by Will Hart/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images)

There is a rumor in the works that pits Law & Order: SVU’s Ice-T against his friend and former co-star Chris Meloni, and both actors are making sure that doesn’t have the chance to set in.

Ice-T shared news of said rumor today on Twitter. Apparently, it started when bogus “sources” told The National Enquirer that there has been jealousy brewing between the two since Meloni “returned to the franchise” in 2021. The publication sent him an email saying it was going to publish a story on the matter and asked for his side.

“Sources told The Enquirer that the former rapper has grown envious of the attention that Mr. Meloni has received since coming back,” the email continued. “If you have any comment on the article, please respond directly to this email…”

The author gave Ice-T several ways to get in contact with the publication. And while he did have a response, he decided to skip explaining anything to them. Instead, he cut right to the chase and shared his feelings with the whole Twittersphere.

“Just sent this email over to my guy @Chris_Meloni,” he wrote alongside a screenshot of the email. “Clownass MFs trying to make up Drama outta thin air… WOW… MFs are really on that BS.”

Chris Meloni is Thankful That Ice-T Let Him Know the Two are ‘Feuding’

Chris Meloni gave a hilarious response to the situation by re-posting the email and sharing that Ice-T “was kind enough” to let him know that they are “feuding.”

Fans, of course, know that the two have a strong friendship behind the scenes, and they all instantly believed the actors’ comments. They, like the rest of us, also know that those kinds of stories are clickbait. So, many publications will take less than genuine comments and run with them.

“We know you’re not into that sh**,” a fan commented. “Drama sells.”

“Isn’t it frustrating when some stranger has to tell you what’s happening with your lives![?]” another asked.

Chris Meloni and Ice-T have been friends and co-workers for over a decade. Meloni is the lead star in Law & Order: Organized Crime, which spun off of SVU in 2021. Prior to that, Meloni helmed SVU alongside Mariska Hargitay for 12 seasons, and Ice-T was part of the cast for 11 of those seasons.

Meloni’s new series is doing well, and Ice-T is still a major player on SVU. The two worlds often collide in NBC spinoffs, which means the actors are constantly working together.