‘Law & Order’ Adds Mehcad Brooks to Season 22 Cast Following Anthony Anderson’s Departure

by Suzanne Halliburton

Law & Order has found its new detective. Mehcad Brooks, who most recently co-starred in Supergirl, is joining the cast.

Brooks will fill the cast vacancy created when Anthony Anderson left the show after this past season. NBC canceled Law & Order in 2010 after 20 seasons. But show creator Dick Wolf kept pushing, and the network decided to relaunch the venerable show in February for its 21st season. Anderson, who was on the show for its final two seasons before the abrupt cancelation. reprised his role of Detective Kevin Bernard. But he only pledged to do the first year of the reboot.

There were only two actors from the first Law & Order who joined the relaunch as full-time cast members. Besides Anderson, Sam Waterston reprised his role as District Attorney Jack McCoy. However, several characters from the old show dropped by the new one.

But Anderson’s departure left Law & Order with a major casting hole. Brooks, a 41-year-old Texan, will fill the spot. There weren’t many details about who Brooks will play. But he’ll likely partner with Jeffrey Donovan’s Frank Cosgrove. As fans know, the show basically is done in two parts. There’s the police investigation of the crime of the week. Camryn Manheim, as Lt. Kate Dixon, heads up the cop portion. Then the story goes to the lawyers. Waterston mans the DA’s office, with Hugh Dancy’s Nolan Price and Odelya Halevi’s Samantha Maroun prosecuting the cases. Waterston is returning for season 22.

Anthony Anderson reprised his role of Kevin Bernard for the relaunch of Law & Order. But he left the show after the 21st season. Mehcad Brooks replaces him in the cast. (Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

Cosgrove didn’t get along with anyone in the DA’s office and seemed to be a loose cannon. He is deeply concerned with the anti-police sentiment that was sweeping through the city. The Law & Order season 21 finale addressed some of that when one of Cosgrove’s friends was killed. Meanwhile, Bernard maintained a calmer presence. It remains to be seen what personality Brooks will bring to the new Law & Order character.

Brooks starred in Supergirl as Jimmy Olsen for the show’s first four seasons. He left in season five, then returned for last year’s series finale. As Olsen, his alternate identity was the superhero, Guardian. Brooks also starred as Eggs in HBO’s supernatural series True Blood. He also played football player Terrence King in Necessary Roughness. His movie roles included playing Jax on Mortal Kombat. Brooks is no Law & Order rookie. He portrayed basketball player Prince Miller in a Law & Order: SVU episode from 2011.

Law & Order only produced episodes in an abbreviated 21st season. But in season 22, the series may focus more on the characters of the show. Showrunner Rick Eid told TVLine: “I’m excited about next season. I think next year, we’ll get an opportunity to dig even deeper into the character stuff, which really excites me.”