‘Law & Order’ Adds New Cast Member: Is He Anthony Anderson’s Replacement?

by Caitlin Berard

For fans of the original Law & Order, news of the long-awaited 21st season was an unbelievable dream come true. The return of District Attorney Jack McCoy and the rest of the beloved NYPD detectives and Manhattan lawyers after more than a decade was almost too good to be true. But return they did, and Season 21 of the iconic series was every bit as enthralling as the 20 previous.

It wasn’t long before fans would find themselves heartbroken once again, however, as Anthony Anderson announced that he would not be reprising his role as Detective Kevin Bernard for Season 22. In fact, he never planned to do so. From the very beginning, Anderson knew that he wanted to support Dick Wolf in the series’ revival, but would depart after the inaugural season.

Sam Waterston, the actor behind Jack McCoy, signed a one-year deal as well. The sigh of relief eventually came, however, as the actor officially agreed to appear in the coming season. And it seems as though Dick Wolf hoped Anthony Anderson would follow in the veteran actor’s footsteps, as Detective Bernard was not written off the series in Season 21.

Despite disappointment from fans and an open invitation to continue with the series, Anthony Anderson is positive about his decision. This left Dick Wolf and his fellow Law & Order producers with the task of finding a replacement.

Could Mehcad Brooks Be Anthony Anderson’s ‘Law & Order’ Replacement?

In the wake of Anthony Anderson’s departure from Law & Order, Mehcad Brooks was added to the cast. The Supergirl star will play a detective in the long-running crime drama. And thus far, that’s all we know about the addition. Even Brooks’ character’s name remains unknown. It’s certainly possible, however, that he will fill the slot left open by Anthony Anderson’s Detective Bernard.

Though the Law & Order crew is keeping the details of the coming season carefully under wraps, Executive Producer Rick Eid hinted at big things to come. “I’m excited about next season,” Eid revealed to TVLine. “I think next year, we’ll get an opportunity to dig even deeper into the character stuff, which really excites me.”

Newcomer Mehcad Brooks is excited for the upcoming season as well. In an Instagram post celebrating the casting news, Brooks wrote an impassioned message to his fans and supporters in the caption. “I’m humbled, honored, grateful and invigorated by this,” he said.

“Stick to your manifestations, believe in yourself and keep the faith that you will be acknowledged for your hard work,” Brooke continued. “Thank you to my incredible team, my family, friends, the producers, network, studio, and fans. Asé.”