‘Law & Order’: All of the Characters This ‘John Wick’ Star Has Played in the Franchise

by Suzanne Halliburton

Lance Reddick is a versatile actor who excels at playing mysterious and creepy. And the Law & Order universe definitely figured out a way to utilize his vast talents.

If you don’t recognize Reddick’s name, you’ll immediately know his face. He plays Charon, the concierge of the Continental Hotel, in the John Wick franchise. And he recently starred in the Netflix drama Resident Evil. You’ve also seen him in Lost, Fringe, The Wire, CSI, Bosch, The Blacklist, even Young Sheldon.

Lance Reddick and Keanu Reeves are in post production for John Wick: Chapter Four. (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Law & Order and its spinoffs loved using Reddick. He was in six episodes of Law & Order: SVU when the show was first finding its footing. He portrayed three characters on the OG show, Law & Order. And then he made an appearance on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, a show that explored why bad people commit such hideous acts.

His first appearance was as Assistant ME Taylor on Law & Order: SVU. This was back in 2000, in SVU’s first season. In all, Reddick portrayed Taylor for six episodes, with his last coming in November, 2001. That was “Inheritance,” an episode that had the detectives investigating a rapist going after Asian women.

Meanwhile, Reddick would drop by the Law & Order set. His first appearance was uncredited. That’s because he played an unnamed juror involved with a trial of a homeless man.

In his next Law & Order episode, Reddick played a much bigger role. He portrayed Maruga Gasana, a police captain from Sierra Leone. Gasana and two other officers came to NYC to recover a cache of blood diamonds. Gasana ended up killing the trader who possessed the diamonds. But before he could head back to his own country, cops arrested him for murder. Then Gasana accepted a plea deal.

In his final episode, Reddick was FBI agent Jamal Atkinson. He helped with a murder investigation by giving Jack McCoy (Sam Waterston) a gun and a secret warrant. But he told McCoy to keep him off the stand.

Meanwhile, Reddick shifted to Law & Order: Criminal Intent. He portrayed Jack Bernard, an insurance agent who cut a deal with Wally Stevens, a serial killer. In this 2003 episode called “Probability,” Stevens killed homeless people, with Bernard filing insurance claims on them. Bernard even got in on the killing. But Stevens ended up murdering Bernard.

Lance Reddick attended a special screening for his Netflix show, Resident Evil. (Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Netflix)

The 60-year-old Reddick still is super busy. He’s in the cast of the remake of White Men Can’t Jump. He’s playing Benji Allen, the former basketball coach and father of Kamal (He’s based on the Wesley Snipes character from the original movie). And he’s also in John Wick: Chapter Four, which is in post-production. So you can look forward to more interactions between Charon and Keanu Reeves’ John Wick.

And the Law & Order franchise is as expansive as ever. The three current shows are celebrating their fall premieres with a three-hour crossover, Sept. 22. Who knows, maybe Reddick will drop by as a mysterious FBI agent or a rogue cop.