‘Law & Order’ Announces Major Crossover: What Does That Mean for ‘One Chicago’ Shows?

by Tia Bailey

Law & Order” recently announced a huge crossover that has fans thrilled. All three shows in the franchise, “Law & Order,” “SVU,” and “Organized Crime,” will all take part in the 3-part crossover event. However, this could be not as exciting for “One Chicago” fans.

This is the first time all three of the shows are participating in a crossover event. There have been crossovers in between two of the shows, but never all three at once. While this is extremely exciting news for fans of the franchise, the effect it has on the “One Chicago” shows isn’t as great. Why, though? According to Fansided, scheduling is the culprit.

Both franchises are in the same “universe,” and are both produced by Dick Wolfe. “One Chicago” had also been working on a 3-part crossover event between its three shows — “Chicago Med,” “Chicago Fire,” and “Chicago P.D.” This was initially supposed to happen back in 2021, but was held off because of Covid. Now, the franchise could technically try it again, but with the announcement of the “Law & Order” crossover event, it would affect both crossovers negatively.

Fansided reported: “The issue now is a crowded field. Law & Order kicking off their respective shows with a crossover means that One Chicago would be stealing its thunder, so we can all but guarantee that it will not happen at the same time. To not spread them out would be doing both franchises a disservice.”

Although “One Chicago” may still do the crossover, it is unlikely that it will be soon due to the “Law & Order” announcement.

“Law & Order” Franchise to Unite All 3 Shows for Crossover

The “Law & Order” crossover was announced this week. The TODAY show tweeted: “‘Law & Order’ is bringing 3 show casts together for the first time in historic premiere event.”

Fans of the show went crazy for the news. One fan said: “I don’t have peacock but I have a reminder on my phone to set the DVR. I blame my mom for my L&O addiction. Love me some @Mariska & @Chris_Meloni.”

Another fan quote-tweeted the announcement, saying: “Wow is it Christmas already?”

TODAY shared an article with the details. The crossover will follow one story through all three shows.

“Nothing demonstrates the power of the ‘Law & Order’ brand more than an ambitious three-hour event with a story that is truly ripped from the headlines that starts on ‘Organized Crime,’ then migrates to ‘SVU’ and finally the trial on ‘Law & Order,'” Producer Wolf said in a statement. “(Writers) Rick (Eid) and Gwen (Sigan) did an amazing job writing a compelling script and I can’t think of a bigger and better way to launch the new season of ‘Law & Order’ Thursday.”

The crossover event will premiere on September 22 from 8-11 p.m. It will also be available to stream the next day on Peacock.