‘Law & Order’ Boss Reveals Details Behind Anthony Anderson’s Exit

by Megan Molseed

The 22nd season premiere of the hit NBC crime-drama TV series Law & Order is just around the corner. However, this recently revived series will be returning without one character who returned for season 21. Now, one of the minds behind the award-winning Law & Order franchise, showrunner Rick Eid, is explaining how this character will be written out of the series as the new season hits the airwaves on September 22.

As news of Law & Order’s 22nd season was released, so were some early casting changes such as the exit of Anthony Anderson’s Detective Kevin Bernard. Anderson was one of the first OG Law & Order characters to sign onto the series after its revival was announced last year. However, it seems that Anderson’s return would only last one season.

So now, Eid is coming clean regarding what the popular series will do this fall to explain Detective Bernard’s absence from the squad. It’s an explanation that will be brief, the showrunner says. However, it will be consistent with the show’s strategy of explaining cast changes such as this one.

“It’s a little mention,” showrunner Rick Eid tells TVLine during a discussion about the show’s upcoming season premiere this fall.

“It’s in the time-honored tradition of Law & Order,” Eid explains. “Where it’s very brief. It’s like, ‘Moving on,” Eid adds. “Here we go. We’ve got to solve the case.’”

When Will The Law & Order Players (Briefly) Discuss This Exit?

Detective Bernard’s absence will be addressed during the second installment of the crime drama’s 22nd season. The official Law & Order premiere episode, set for September 22 will be a big one. Crossing over with the show’s spin-off shows, the long-running SVU, and the most recent addition to the franchise, Organized Crime.

Additionally, the show’s newest detective, Jalen Shaw (Mechad Brooks) will be transferring to the Law & Order squad room, partnering with Jeffery Donovan’s Detective Cosgrove during the crossover event.

“You get the idea that Cosgrove liked working with him,” Eid explains. “And then we find out that the character Anthony [Anderson] played has moved on.”

The new season will include the return of the rest of the show’s core cast. Fans can expect to see Hugh Dancy hit the courtroom as senior prosecutorial assistant Nolan Price. Oldelya Halevi returns as ADA Samantha Maroun, while Camryn Manheim reprises her role as Lt. Kate Dixon. Additionally, Jeffrey Donovan is returning as Frank Cosgrove, and, of course, Sam Waterston is reprising his famous role as DA Jack McCoy.