‘Law & Order’s Camryn Manheim and ‘Chicago Fire’s Taylor Kinney Caught Up at Monte Carlo

by Megan Molseed

Chicago Fire star Taylor Kinney and one star of the recent Law & Order revival series, Camryn Manheim were living it up in Monte Carlo recently. And, the two NBC stars were all smiles as they shared some fun times full of laughs and smooches in the Law & Order/One Chicago mash-up dream that we never knew we needed! And, thankfully, Camryn Manheim was sharing these good times with her fans on her Insta page, giving us all a glimpse of the moment the two TV stars reconnected in paradise.

Law & Order Star Camryn Manheim Shares Some Moments She Spent With Old Friends While Hanging Out In Monaco This Summer

Their popular NBC dramas may be on hiatus, but Law & Order’s Camryn Manheim and Chicago Fire’s Taylor Kinney are having some fun time together, hanging out in paradise. And, Manheim notes in her recent Instagram post that the get-together was a magical experience as she and some of her fellow actors attend the Monte Carlo Television Festival.

“Just a little taste of my fabulous week at the Monte Carlo Television Festival,” Camryn Manheim writes in her recent Instagram post.

“I got to spend some time with old and new friends,” the Law & Order star continues in her message.

“It was very exciting to get out of the house,” the actress quips, noting she had a blast putting on some “bangles and lipstick” while living it up in Monte Carlo.

“Monaco was stunning everywhere you turned,” Manheim continues sharing a little emoji of the Monaco flag.

“and of course I had a [nail-biting] night at the casino,” the Law & Order star adds with a dice emoji. “Thank you to all the people who made this event so magical.”

Camryn Manheim Shares Her Simple Trick For Maintaining Her “Joyful” Outlook

Camryn Manheim certainly has a busy schedule as she continues to portray Lieutenant Kate Dixon on Law & Order. However, the star says in a recent conversation with Yahoo Life that she maintains her joyful outlook on life and focuses on her “self-care” by utilizing one key life ingredient: organization.

“Being organized is a huge part of self-care as far as I’m concerned,” the 61-year-old actress explains.

“I’m never late because I hate that sick feeling of making somebody wait for me,” the actress admits.

“And listen, there’s a lot of things that I could be doing better,” she adds. “But when it comes to being organized, that’s one thing that I think really serves me and my mental health.”

Manheim adds that maintaining a level of organization gives her a sense of peace. And, the actress adds, the ability to “find the joy” in almost anything.

“I am one of the more joyful people I know,” Manheim says.

“And I try to move toward joy,” she relates.

“I try to find the joy in everything,” she continues.

“I can’t be happy all the time because the world is suffering. There’s so many people who are suffering. And to be happy all the time would be to not recognize how hard it is for so many people,” Manheim adds. “But what I try to do in my life is to string as many joyful moments together, as closely as possible.”