‘Law & Order’ Star Camryn Manheim Reveals Why Kate Dixon Is ‘Perfect Person’ for the Job

by Taylor Cunningham

Law & Order star Camryn Manheim’s Kate Dixon has turned out to be a wise leader for the 27th Precinct. And the actress says that we’ll soon learn more about why she’s “perfect” for her job in upcoming episodes.

Manheim isn’t completely new to the show. Before it was originally canceled in 2010, she played three separate characters between 1991 and 1994. And she made such an impression on creator Dick Wolf that he invited her to join the cast as a regular character for the revival.

When the series enjoyed its second debut on Feb 24, 2022, Manheim joined the cast as Lieutenant Kate Dixon, the commanding officer of the Manhattan North Homicide Squad in the 27th Precinct. The character replaced S. Epatha Merkerson’s Anita Van Buren.

Lt. Dixon is proving to be a fan favorite in Law & Order. And Camryn Manheim thinks that has something to do with the complexity of the character. As the actress shared with Yahoo Life recently, upcoming episodes will delve deeper into who she is outside of the precinct.

“What is starting to be revealed is that she had a bit of a tough childhood,” shared Manheim. “She wanted to right many wrongs and became a police officer and rose up through the ranks and became a detective. And [she] eventually got promoted to become a lieutenant. And she’s just an everyday person and wants to represent the everyday people who often are abused by the system or overlooked or are underdogs. I think that she’s very sympathetic in that arena. And I think she is the perfect person to be in that position.”

But as she shared in a separate interview, being perfect for the job doesn’t mean that Dixon doesn’t have struggles. While she seems to handle most of her daily duties well, two of her detectives, Frank Cosgrove and Kevin Bernard, aren’t the easiest people to control.

“They’re excellent detectives,” she told Count On News 2. “But she is able to kind of rein them in. And I think she walks this incredible line of keeping everybody happy.” 

Camryn Manheim and the Entire ‘Law & Order’ Team to Return for Another Season

Luckily, we all get to watch her character grow both professionally and personally, too. On May 10th, NBC announced that Law & Order will stick around for at least one more season. But considering its massive following, we’ll likely see the story play out much longer.

Ever since coming back, the show has been the #1 show on Thursday nights in the 18-49 demographics. And after years of trying to bring the flagship show back to the screen, Dick Wolf is a proud man.

“Dreams do come true,” he said after learning that both Law & Order and spinoff Organized Crime got another green light. “The renewals of the entire Wednesday and Thursday night lineups is the ultimate verification of our partnership with NBC and Universal Television. I personally want to thank the talented writers and casts, the producers who keep the trains running on time, and the crews who tirelessly turn out outstanding shows despite a degree of difficulty never before experienced due to the pandemic.”