‘Law & Order’: Everyone Leaving and Joining the Franchise Ahead of Upcoming Season

by Joe Rutland

With the oncoming of a new season, Law & Order will be going through some cast changes that will be interesting. As fans know, the show returned after a lengthy period of time not on primetime TV. The show did come back to NBC and is the start of Law & Order Thursdays on NBC. We will get to some cast changes involving the show in a minute.

But you should know right off the bat that Sam Waterston will return as Jack McCoy. The longstanding anchor to the show will be in that role again this coming season. One person who did return last season was Anthony Anderson in his Detective Kevin Bernard role. Well, he will not becoming back this next season.

Mehcad Brooks, Claire Coffee Will Join ‘Law & Order’ Cast

The actor had a one-year deal for the show and decided to move along to other projects. Who will be coming on board to fill that spot? Mehcad Brooks and Claire Coffee are joining the cast. You might have seen Brooks in Supergirl and Coffee in Grimm. We do not have a character name for both actors so we will have to wait and see what happens there. We should get an update on that before the season starts. It would be good to know what role these actors will play before the show premieres yet again.

Now you might want to know if other actors from last season will ome on back. We do have that news for you, too. Look for Jeffrey Donovan to come back as Detective Frank Cosgrove, One Chicago Center reports. Go ahead and add Hugh Dancy, Odelya Halevi, and Camryn Manheim to the cast members returning. Now, this show, as we said, leads off Thursday nights. It will be followed by Law & Order: SVU and Law & Order: Organized Crime.

If you are thinking that there will be major changes on the other shows, then you will be disappointed. Well, maybe not. Mariska Hargitay and Ice-T are returning as Olivia Benson and “Fin” Tutuola. They’ve been around the franchise for a few years. Seeing them go would be really sad. Well, they are not going anywhere except to your TV sets for another season. Also, look for Chris Meloni to play Elliot Stabler yet again on his show. Sure, SVU fans still love him and keep up with him on Organized Crime. These procedurals know how to establish storylines and keep them moving. It is a hallmark of a Dick Wolf series. And he is the master when it comes to franchise shows. So, look forward to Law & Order being back in full gear this coming season.