‘Law & Order’ Fans Fired Up After Viewer Slams Stabler as ‘Most Toxic Masculine Guy Ever’

by Shelby Scott

It’s officially August and that means we’re just over a month away from seeing the return of some of our favorite TV dramas. Several include NCIS, One Chicago, and, of course, Law & Order. Law & Order originally made its debut more than two decades ago in 1999. Longtime star Chris Meloni’s character Elliot Stabler remains a crucial character within the franchise to this day. Alongside Mariska Hargitay‘s beloved Olivia Benson, Stabler is half of the foundation that supports Law & Order. So, when one fan labeled him “the most toxic masculine guy ever,” longtime Law & Order fans began listing their grievances with one of the show’s two central characters.

A Law & Order fan began the Reddit discussion with a post that read, “Unpopular Opinion: I do not like Stabler.” In addition to calling him out on toxic masculinity, they also said, “He abuses ‘perps’ (not always guilty) and he never shows much empathy for people.”

What Do ‘Law & Order’ Fans Have to Say?

Overall, Law & Order fans’ discussion about Chris Meloni’s character devolved into a rant session about all of the character’s negative traits. In response to the original post, one Law & Order fan said, “I enjoy the character, but he’s all-around terrible. Bad cop, bad husband, bad father, bad partner, bad friend.”


However, that was hardly the end of the discussion. Another fan argued that while the character as a whole sucks, he does show empathy when it matters.

“I’d have to disagree with that last part,” the Law & Order fan began. “There’s TONS of examples of him showing empathy for people.” They listed one example which saw Chris Meloni’s character spending three days in the “hole” in order to see what the accused was screaming about. They concluded, “You can say what you want about him but to say he doesn’t show empathy is delusional.”

Last, a dedicated Law & Order fan explained that while they didn’t previously like Elliot Stabler, his character has grown since moving on to Organized Crime. Specifically, they opined, “I like him now since on OC we’re getting a true progression of the character other than wall of meat with a temper. He’s going to therapy, he’s listening, learning, etc.”

Other Law & Order fans simply couldn’t help but bust a gut that someone called Stabler a “wall of meat.”

‘Organized Crime’ Adds 2 New Cast Members

When Law & Order returns to NBC this fall, fans can not only expect the return of controversial, though equally crucial, characters like Elliot Stabler, but they can also welcome two new faces.

Ahead of the show’s season three premiere, Rick Gonzales and Brett Antonello became the crime drama’s newest cast members. Per this Outsider article, fans might recognize Gonzalez from projects like Arrow and Coach Carter. Antonello on the other hand has starred in the Hulu series Pam & Tommy as well as A Jazzman’s Blues.