‘Law & Order’ Fans Have These Questions Ahead of Season 22

by Alex Falls

Law & Order made a triumphant return to TV last year when the flagship show was renewed for a revival season 12 years after the original series came to an end. The franchise always lived on through the spinoff that’s now outlasted the original, Law & Order: SVU. Plus Law & Order: Organized Crime joined the lineup last year to give Law & Order fans tons of criminal chasing content.

All three shows are set to make their returns this September. Fan anticipation is high for what might come next. The revival featured a new cast of law enforcement officers taking on the most corrupt criminals in New York. Season 21 was led by longtime star Sam Waterston as DA Jack McCoy. Season 22 promises to bring more of the mysteries fans love. Fans love more than the crimes and mystery though. They also love the characters.

So fans have questions about what direction Law & Order is going to take with its storylines. With so much to dive into, let’s investigate some of the questions surrounding the exciting show’s 22nd season.

What Kind of Cases Will Be Tackled in ‘Law & Order’ Season 22?

Law & Order unfolds in an episodic format in which legal teams and law officers track down a new villain every week. The original Law & Order is unique from its spinoffs because of the variety of different crimes they can cover. SVU covers sexual crimes whereas Organized Crime investigates high-level corruption.

Season 21 saw the Law & Order teams take on cases based on real-life events. Events like the Elizabeth Holmes trial and even the controversial conservatorship surrounding Britney Spears. Expect to see the show tackle more real-life stories with its upcoming plot threads.

Is There a Romance Story Brewing?

The revival introduced many new characters to the show’s fans. Viewers are still getting to know these characters, and they’re still getting to know each other as well.

Fans expect sparks to fly between ADA Samantha Maroun (Odelya Halevi) and Executive DA Nolan Price (Hugh Dancy). Halevi revealed in an interview with TV Insider that one of her relationships would begin to “shift,” and all eyes are on her back-and-forth banter with Nolan Price. 

“Maroun is getting more comfortable in her own skin and with Nolan. More daring, stronger, has more opinions she’s not afraid to express. With this progression, Nolan has more respect for her opinions also,” Halevi said. “They have definitely gotten to know each other and have a deeper connection…It definitely changes their relationship from solely business to more personal, and there’s more depth to it now.”

When Does ‘Law & Order’ Season 22 Premiere?

The next season of Law & Order premieres on NBC Thursday, September 22nd at 8PM/7PM CST. Thursday nights are set to become Law & Order nights as season 22 will also be joined by the 24th season of SVU and the 2nd season of Organized Crime.