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‘Law & Order’ Fans Are Hoping This Former Character Returns to the Revival

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

The original Law & Order series hit the airwaves over three decades ago in 1990. The popular NBC crime drama TV series celebrated 20 successful seasons before it wrapped up in 2010. Of course, multiple Law & Order spin-off shows had found their niche within the franchise by this point. Including the award-winning spin-off Law & Order: SVU. 

However, there’s just something special about the OG series, isn’t there? This, of course, is why fans were delighted when news that the original Law & Order would be returning to the NBC airwaves for the show’s 21st season.

Fans of the popular Dick Wolfe franchise know well that this series revival brought some of our favorite Law & Order characters back to the series; as well as some new faces and players. However, there is one face that Law & Order fans have yet to see in the series revival. The OG supporting player, Leslie Hendrix’s Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers. A character that fans remember brought some of the most memorable scenes during the show’s initial 20-season run.

Law & Order Fans Hope To See the Return Of One Character From the Show’s Original Run

As the latest season of Law & Order hit the airwaves just a few weeks ago, fans were happy to welcome back some favorite characters. However, there are still a few faces that some hard-core Law & Order viewers are holding out to see make an appearance in the revival. One of these is one of the franchise’s most memorable medical examiners, Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers.

“She was amazing!” one Redditor says about the original series character.

“So dry,” the Redditor adds of the Law & Order medical examiner.

“She was in one of my favorite exchanges on the show Lennie asks her when she expects to have the report on their body,” the fan relates, sharing the discussion in the post.

“Rogers: Soon, but first I’ve got to get a javelin out of this guy’s back.

Lennie: What made you go into this line of work?

Rogers: The free javelins.”

The Redditor remembers how the scene starts with Detective Green being “grossed out” by something on her phone.

“I just love Rogers,” the Redditor says.

“I think the start of the scene also involves Green being grossed out by some gunk on the phone,” the post continues. “And Rogers telling him it’s egg salad, maybe. It was a masterpiece.”

Will Some Favorite Characters Return In the Revival, If Even For Brief Appearances?

Many fans agree that Rodgers would be a wonderful player to see return to the original Law & Order series. However, one Redditor says, there are many characters they would like to see again in the series. If even to just give fans a brief update on what they are doing now.

“I’d be happy to have any of (the) prior actors return,” one fan notes in the Reddit post.

“Even if it’s just a brief appearance to give a little bit of a story about what they are up to now,” the post continues. “It would be fun.”

However, the Law & Order watcher notes that it seems many of these actors are involved in other projects at the moment. A testament, the fan says, to the “excellent casting work” done by the series showrunners.

“Whether it was regular characters or the guest stars, they had so many good actors, so consistently,” the fan says.