‘Law & Order’ Fans Slam Series for Controversial ‘Double-Standard’

by Tia Bailey

Law & Order” is a highly popular and beloved show. However, being one of the longest-running TV shows in history comes with backlash. Fans called out the show for a “double-standard” about a topic covered in the show pretty frequently.

A reddit post to the r/SVU subreddit complained about this. The post is titled “The double-standard about mental health in old seasons is SO frustrating.”

The post reads: “A man with schizophrenia (who turns out to be innocent) is called a nut case, being accused of faking it, and told being found not-guilty by reason of insanity is getting off easy. (Noncompliance, season 2, ep 6). A young girl with bipolar disorder chooses to go off her meds, falsely accuses two boys of rape, and ran over ten people with her car, killing a girl. So many people jump to her defense saying she’s sick, she couldn’t control herself, it’s not her fault she went off her meds she was manipulated. Benson pleads with Alex to go easy on her and not ruin her life. (Influence, season 7, ep 22).”

Fellow fans of the show and other redditors took the the comments to share that they also notice. The top comment reads: “I always hated it when the case of the week involving a MH disorder or gender identity was presented to the squad as if they had never heard of it despite airing earlier episodes with the same thing. I lost count of how many times Huang had to explain to the detectives what bipolar disorder is.”

Fans Call Out “Law & Order” for Past Episodes

Other fans called out the same double-standard the show used when talking about transgender people. There is an episode in which someone gives a “great description of trans people.” However, someone uses a slur against trans people later in the show.

Per a report, Some fans have pointed out that this can be a good thing in some cases. Sometimes they learn and don’t make these mistakes again. One commenter pointed this out. They said: “Isn’t it a good thing that the characters are getting more empathetic and compassionate over time? You can sort of see the same thing with the treatment of transgender people. Compare the extremely hostile reactions to the transgender girl in “Fallacy” (Season 4 Episode 21) to the much more sympathetic and respectful treatment of the transgender girl and the nurse in “Transitions” (Season 10 Episode 14). I think it makes sense for the show to update itself as times change and greater awareness of these issues trickles into the writer’s room.”