‘Law & Order’: How Missy Peregrym’s Appearance Served As Her Audition for ‘FBI’

by Samantha Whidden

She has been one of the stars of CBS’ “FBI” since its’ premiere in 2018, but before making her appearance on the crime series, Missy Peregrym was also on Dick Wolf’s hit series “Law & Order: SVU.” Here is how her appearance on the long-running show got her the job on “FBI.”

People reported in 2019 that during her “Law & Order” appearance, Missy Peregrym played an investment banker who accused her client of sexual assault. That episode turned out her audition for her “FBI” role. 

“Apparently, it wasn’t intention,” Missy Peregrym explained about her role. “It wasn’t trying to get a show off of that. But it was a pretty amazing experience to go and work on. Alex Chapple was directing it. I knew him from working ‘ Rookie Blue.’ He got me on that show. And then a year later, I was offered ‘FBI’ because of that experience.”  

Missy Peregrym also stated that it was rare for her to have an audition while making an appearance on another TV series. “The whole story is rare. That you would have that experience. But that’s what’s cool about this industry. You just never know where the next thing going to come from.”

“FBI” first premiered in September 2018. According to IMDb, the procedural drama is about the inner working of the New York Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Starring alongside Missy Peregrym in the series is Zeeko Zaki, Jeremy Sisto, Alana De La Garza, John Boyd, and Taylor Anthony Miller. The series now has four seasons and nearly 75 episodes. 

Missy Peregrym Reveals the Advice She Received From ‘FBI’ Creator Dick Wolfe 

While continuing her chat with People, Missy Peregrym spoke about the advice she received from Dick Wolfe and the “FBI” role. “Don’t mess it up,” Peregrym declared as the advice.

Missy Peregrym then spoke about the cast’s approach to the series. “I think everybody is excited to do the show. Everybody, especially for an actor, the longevity of these shows is pretty great. So it’s fun to have the opportunity to continue working with each other. That’s the hope. Obviously, we have to work really hard to get there and make the show. But they know what they’re doing.”

Missy Peregrym Temporarily Departs from ‘FBI’ to Have Her Second Child

Nearly three years after the 2019 interview, Missy Peregrym has continued to be on “FBI.” Most recently, she announced that she is taking a leave of absence to have her second child. She declared in an Instagram post, “Tonight is my last episode of the season – you don’t want to miss it! I’m off for maternity leave now…”

Peregrym previously stepped away from the show to have her first child a couple of years ago. Her character was written off by way of her going on an undercover assignment. “FBI” showrunner Rick Eid did confirm that Peregrym will be returning for the show’s potential fifth season.