‘Law & Order’ Star Odelya Halevi Praises Sam Waterston: ‘So Brilliant and Funny’

by Caitlin Berard

As a lifelong Law & Order fan, landing the role of Assistant District Attorney Samantha Maroun was a dream come true for Odelya Halevi. Though she found everything about working on a show as beloved as Law & Order exciting, there was one aspect that sparked particular interest for Halevi – working with Sam Waterston.

When talks of a Law & Order reboot began, Sam Waterston wasn’t sure he wanted to resume his role as Jack McCoy. Luckily for Halevi, however, after a bit of soul searching, he realized it was the right choice for him after all.

In an interview with TV Fanatic, Odelya Halevi gushed over working with the Law & Order legend. “You’re really asking me what it’s like to work with God,” Halevi said. “I love working with him. He is so funny. And you know, when I do scenes with him, he says a line, and it just gets you. Anything that comes out of his mouth, you’re just stunned. And I forget my lines.”

“I can’t even look at him,” she continued. “He’s so brilliant and funny. And when I was nervous in the beginning, I think he saw that, and he just came up to me. He said, ‘Remember that we tell serious stories, but we’re also here to have fun.’ Ever since then, we’ve just been having so much fun. There are so many laughs. We joke all the time.”

‘Law & Order’ Star Odelya Halevi Talks Getting Over ‘Imposter Syndrome’

Though Odelya Halevi now feels right at home on the Law & Order set, she didn’t feel quite so comfortable at first. When she wrote down the dream “be on an Emmy nominated show in NYC,” she never thought it would actually come true. So when it did, she felt a little out of place next to Sam Waterston and the rest of the stellar Law & Order cast.

“Yeah, I mean, I wanted to work with Emmy nominated actors,” Halevi told TV Fanatic. “But as soon as I got the part, my imposter syndrome [kicked in]. I was just, you know, ‘You don’t deserve it. So you’re gonna get fired? How will you match their performance? How are you going to do that?’ I was really, really nervous.”

“But then I met the cast,” she continued. “And they made me feel like I’m a part of this family, that I deserve to be here, and that I worked hard to be here. It helped with the pressure. And the more we got to know everyone, the more comfortable I felt.”