‘Law & Order’: Odelya Halevi Reveals Her Favorite Storyline So Far

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images)

Following the return of the “Law & Order,” Odelya Halevi is opening up about her new role as A.D.A. Samantha Maroun. This includes her favorite storyline so far.

While speaking to TV Fanatic, Odelya Halevi stated her favorite storyline was in “Law & Order” Season 21 Episode 3. “Where Maroun crosses a line and goes behind Nolan’s back. And she takes care of the defendant in a way. She convinces her, through Bernard, to take the plea. Which is something that Nolan probably wouldn’t approve of. But for justice, she still went and did it. Even though she knew it could cost her her job. A job that she worked so hard to get, or her career. But she still went and did it.

Odelya Halevi then recalled what Nolan says to her “Law & Order” character at the end of the episode. “He says, ‘You pull something like that again, and I’ll fire you.’ And it’s sad. And it feels lonely for Maroun but also, she is sort of proud of herself that she still went and did that for justice.”

As she reflected on Nolan basically letting her “Law & Order” persona’s behavior slide for one time, Odelya Halevi shared, “But it’s the sacrifice that she was willing to make in order for justice to happen, you know?”

Odelya Halevi Talks What’s Different About Her Role on ‘Law & Order’ Compared to Other Roles She’s Had 

When asked how her “Law & Order” role is different from the other roles she’s had in her career, Halevi explained. “I love what the writers have done so far. I really enjoyed the first episode where there was a backstory that was revealed with Maroun. And I think that’s something that is not always the case with the original Law and Order. And yes, I would love to do more of that.”

Halevi further explained that she believes the writers really focus on the stories “It’s the guest stars and the stories that are important. Less about the character’s personal life. And I respect that. And I Leo that about the show. I think that’s why people love the show so much.”

Also speaking about watching “Law & Order” growing up, Halevi said she watched some of the episodes. But the original was the one that was really begin the 90s when I was growing up. And my mom would watch that. And I would come home after school and the show would be on TV. So that’s mainly the one that I watched.”

In regards to what other career choices she had in mind besides acting, Halevi said being a lawyer was what she thought she wanted to be. “I guess because I saw a lawyer performing in front of an audience. Like, what’s the difference between a lawyer and an actor? All I could tell was that they were performing.”