‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ to Add ‘West Wing’ Icon to Season 3 Cast

by Alex Falls

Law & Order: Organized Crime is just over two weeks away from premiering. Fans can’t wait to see the mysteries in store for the organized crime division. While the show is still a far way from the 22 seasons of the original flagship show, it’s still developed quite the following ahead of its third season premiere.

As we get closer to the highly-anticipated new season, we’re learning more about new faces joining the ranks of Law & Order.

Most recently, the show confirmed the addition Janel Moloney, best known for her role as Donna Moss on the classic TV show The West Wing. She’ll have a recurring role on the show as a detective in the ranks of the organized crime unit.

Moloney has also guest-starred in episodes of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. However, this is her first role as an officer of the law. She marked the announcement with a celebratory post on Instagram.

She captioned the post, “Finally I get to play a cop!! Tune in to Law and Order: Organized Crime this season to watch me enjoy it. Love the Law and Order Universe!!”

Details about her character are still under wraps. However, we don’t have to wait long to learn more as the third season of Organized Crime premieres on September 22nd.

What’s to Come in the Epic Law & Order Crossover?

The new season of Law & Order will kick off with a huge crossover between all three shows. Organized Crime showrunner Bryan Goluboff spoke with Fangirlish ahead of the big event. He pointed to the relationship between Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson, aka Bensler, as a major component of the crossover.

“It’s a loyal, passionate fanbase, and I want to respect their investment in these people. And so, we’re going to try and have the shows have some synchronicity, Goluboff said. “It’s tricky because you’re also existing in your own timelines and your own cases… I’ll give you a great example. I’m starting to build in a crossover, and I’m able to call over and go, ‘what’s going on in Olivia’s life? If we’re going to do this…what’s happening?’ What’s happening in your universe that I can carry over?”

Goluboff elaborated further on the importance of capturing the partnership between Stabler and Benson. He wants to make sure the audience feels like they’re up against a real threat. That way, we become fully invested.

“When they’re activated, and they have a monster to fight, it’s what attracts me to them. It’s having them activated against a real enemy, that we need protection from,” Goluboff said. “Because, to me, that’s what worked about SVU for 12 years. It was, someone was hurt. And Olivia was Mommy, and she was going to believe you and talk to you. And he was Daddy, and he was going to go out, and find that guy, and kick his ass.”