‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Ainsley Seiger Shares Behind-the-Scenes Photo From Return to Set

by Tia Bailey

Law & Order: Organized Crime” is returning for season 3, and star Ainsley Seiger, who plays Jet Slootmaekers, shared a BTS photo from set.

The tweet, an image of Seiger getting her makeup done, simply read, “back at it.”

Fans responded excitedly. Twitter user @AceWilliams4 tweeted, “…Definitely My Favorite Character… Hopefully They Give The Character a #SpinOff SomeDay…”

“Law & Order: Organized Crime” is a spinoff of “Law & Order” and “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” that premiered in April of 2021. The show stars “Law & Order: SVU” veteran Christopher Meloni as Elliot Stabler. Stabler returns to the NYPD after his wife’s murder, working under Sergeant Ayanna Bell in the Organized Crime Task Force.

The show has been as dramatic as the others in the franchise and immediately had viewers hooked. The main premise at the beginning of the show was Stabler rejoining the force to investigate his wife’s murder. Seiger’s character, Slootmaekers, specializes in technology, hacking, and gathering information in the show.

Behind the Scenes Photos from Season 3 of “Law & Order: Organized Crime”

Fans on Twitter have begun to share other BTS photos of the cast and crew, letting everyone know how excited they are for this upcoming season. User @MeloniProject shared photos of lead Christopher Meloni, saying “Christopher Meloni back on set of Law and Order: Organized Crime for Season 3! #LawAndOrderOC #OrganizedCrime”.

Fans of the series have been keeping up with the spinoff, as well as the rest of the franchise. Instagram page @nbclawandorderoc has posted several behind-the-scenes photos from “Law and Order: SVU,” as the cast for the two shows is often intertwined. Photos of Mariska Hargitay (who plays fan-favorite Captain Olivia Benson) and Meloni filming both shows make several appearances on the page. Fans are gearing up for the premiere of new seasons for each show in the franchise coming up in September.

According to the Wiki page for the third season of “Organized Crime,” “This season will consist of 8 episodes which will revolve around a drug trafficking ring, committed by a crime family and the leader of the ring is an agent with the police.” The first episode of the new season, titled “I believe in America,” is set to premiere on September 23. The other shows in the franchise will premiere on the same night, all on NBC. Fans can catch up on season 2 of “Organized Crime” on Peacock, where it’s streaming with a subscription.

The BTS photos came days after the tragic shooting of a crew member that took place on set. The victim, Johnny Pizzaro, passed due to the injuries he suffered from the shooting. Viewers hope that the rest of the filming process goes smoothly. Many people send their condolences to the friends and family of the victim.