‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’s Ainsley Seiger Takes Fans on a Behind-the-Scenes Set Tour

by Caitlin Berard

Season 3 of Law & Order: Organized Crime is still several weeks away, but the actors are already back on set to film the newest batch of episodes. This, of course, means plenty of backstage antics and teasers are being posted to the social media accounts of the various actors behind the series.

One of the most exciting of these sneak peeks is a behind-the-scenes video with Ainsley Seiger, who plays Jet Slootmaekers, a hacker and NYPD detective among the Organized Crime Control Bureau.

In the video, Seiger takes fans through the entirety of the Organized Crime set, including the rehearsal table, Elliot Stabler’s (Chris Meloni) desk, and Maldonado and Cho’s desks. She also shows off Jet’s workstation, a large desk with several monitors and a number of “weird tchotchkes,” which she introduces as her “home.”

“This is pretty much where I am all the time,” she says with a laugh. “This is where I’m constantly typing key smash when we’re doing scenes.”

After showing fans everything there is to see at Jet’s desk, she moves on to Sergeant Bell’s office, “the second coolest place in the task force.”

“It’s a pretty cool office,” Seiger gushes as she looks around the room. “I can’t lie. I am a little bit jealous. But that’s okay. One day, I’ll get a promotion.”

Walking down a long corridor, the scenery becomes noticeably dingier. And at the end of the hall, the Law & Order star finally arrives at the rest of the set, which includes the holding cell, the jailhouse hallway, a jail cell, and “the big cell.”

Hilariously, Seiger reveals that her favorite use for the largest jail cell isn’t filming but relaxing. “This is my downtime area,” she explains, before wrapping up the tour and dropping onto the cell mattress for a nap.

‘Law & Order’ Star Ainsley Seiger Describes Her ‘Great Relationship’ With Chris Meloni and Mariska Hargitay

Being a newcomer on an established show (or, in this case, an established franchise) is tough. And for Ainsley Seiger, the situation was even more intimidating, as she’s by far the youngest person on the fictional Organized Crime Task Force.

Luckily, however, she had a number of Law & Order legends to rely on, all of which were more than happy to help her find her footing. Among them are fan-favorite actors Chris Meloni and Mariska Hargitay, as well as her on-screen boss, Danielle Moné Truitt.

“I feel really lucky to have a great relationship with Chris [Meloni],” Seiger explained in an interview with Looper. “And with Mariska [Hargitay from Law & Order: SVU]. Danielle [Moné Truitt] too, I’ll talk to her about stuff that’s going on in my own personal life.”

“We were about to start shooting a scene the other day and she leaned over before the camera started rolling and she was like, ‘Hey, okay, let me give you some advice. Next time this happens…,'” the Law & Order star continued. “It’s very clear that everyone really cares. I am very, very grateful to be going to work every day in an environment where I feel safe and taken care of by them.”