‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’: Chris Meloni and Ainsley Seiger’s Funniest Moments

by Suzanne Halliburton

With season three of Law & Order: Organized Crime still weeks away, it’s the perfect time to look back at two of our favorite people, who perfectly troll each other on social media.

Yes, we’re talking about 61-year-old Christopher Meloni, who plays Elliot Stabler. He’s the guy who goes undercover and sometimes does stuff that cops shouldn’t. And we’re talking about Ainsley Seiger. Law & Order: Organized Crime is her first significant role. She’s Jet Slootmaekers, the ace computer hacker and researcher who can sizzle with the sarcasm. On the show, everyone calls her Jet or Sloot.

We should add that both are terrific at social media. That’s why NBC pulled some of their greatest hits off of Twitter so that Law & Order: Organized Crime fans would have something, anything, to talk about as the cast and crew are back producing season three.

Back in late February, several Law & Order: Organized Crime cast members did an interview gaggle with reporters. There were quotes galore. And Meloni saw one from Seiger. He quote tweeted the video of Seiger and used the frown emoji.

What didn’t Meloni like? This quote — “My favorite thing about filming right now is that Chris is super jealous of my hair and that I’m young and beautiful.” Truthfully, Seiger wasn’t doing that much trolling. She has great hair. Meanwhile, Meloni (and Stabler, his alter ego) likes to comment about his disappearing hair line. He’s started to shave his head. And most folks don’t look at his hair when he’s doing nude exercise videos (with pixels over his privates).

Watch Meloni Do Splits While on Law & Order: Organized Crime Set

Then, there was this exchange involving Meloni and Seiger. Meloni posted a video on Instagram. He was on the Law & Order: Organized Crime set, showing off by doing the splits. (Yes, most folks can’t do splits as teenagers, much less at 61).

Meloni captioned the video: “It’s not just criminals that are busted on Organized Crime.” He also has great hashtag game. #oversizedOC #ego #splits #catsmeow #bensonlikesit #clappingpushups #gymonset. (And yes, it’s always best to mention Olivia Benson).

In an interview with Looper, Seiger talked about how much fun it was to have Meloni on set, particularly when he gets acrobatic.

“That’s my favorite thing about working with him,” Seiger said. “He can be very intense and very serious. And he can be very ‘I’m protective Elliot Stabler.’ When the cameras are not rolling, he is having the best time. I love to look over in the corner of the room and see him almost in splits, just hanging out.”

Danielle Mone Truitt, who is the boss of the two on Law & Order: Organized Crime, also has good Twitter game. She tweeted a photo of Seiger wearing Stabler earrings. Wonder if they were custom made or does someone sell them?

Truitt tweeted: “It took 31:33.45 seconds for Chris Meloni to notice that Ainsley Seigers was wearing Chris Meloni earrings. Well she actually told him. He’s such a Dude. LOL”

Remember, the fall premiere of Law & Order: Organized Crime is Sept. 22.