‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’s Chris Meloni Remembers Legendary Selfie With Henry Winkler

by Suzanne Halliburton

We’re wondering if the other passengers on the plane knew that greatness was flying with them. Check out this photo showing Law & Order: Organized Crime star Christopher Meloni with Happy Days icon Henry Winkler.

Call it Elliot Stabler meets Fonzie, no FAA approval required. Meloni shared the snap with his followers, Wednesday afternoon. A fan account was the first to post the photo of the actors who play two of TV’s long-time characters. Meloni is in his 14th year portraying Stabler, first on Law & Order: SVU, then on spinoff Organized Crime. And Winkler’s character, a fixture in the land of classic TV, is in the Smithsonian. It’s difficult to top that.

Meloni captioned the photo: “Me and Great Human, Henry Winkler.”

Winkler, Meloni Worked Together on Law & Order: SVU

Meloni’s minions loved the photo. One Twitter user posted an old Fonzie poster, writing: “I am OBSESSED with this photo. As someone who had this poster on her wall when she was 10…to someone who has a …thing…now for Meloni, these are two fabulous worlds colliding.”

Another replied “I feel an OC guest appearance coming…”

So about that guest appearance. Law & Order: Organized Crime did recently confirm the addition of a new recurring character. No, it’s not Winkler. He already took a star turn in the Law & Order: SVU episode called “Greed.” Winkler portrayed a scam artist and suspected rapist. That was back in 2002. Here’s another fun fact. Winkler and Richard Belzer, who played Munch on SVU, are cousins.

Getting back to the new recurring character for Law & Order: Organized Crime. It’s a familiar face for those of us who loved early aughts-era dramas. Janel Moloney, who played Donna Moss on The West Wing, recently posted a photo of herself in her OC uniform. She captioned the snap: “Finally I get to play a cop!! Tune in to Law and Order: Organized Crime this season to watch me enjoy it. Love the Law and Order Universe!!”

All we know is that Moloney plays a detective. Plus, she gives Law & Order: Organized Crime another strong female character to go long with Danielle Mone Truitt’s Sgt Bell and Ainsley Seiger’s Sloot. And we all know that Olivia Benson, aka Mariska Hargitay, stops by to see Stabler, her old SVU partner.

Moloney has Law & Order experience on her resume. She’s guest starred on SVU and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Plus, she also appeared in FBI, another series created by Wolf Entertainment.

Law & Order: Organized Crime Kicks Off Season with Giant Crossover

The Law & Order: Organized Crime season three premiere is Sept. 22. And it promises to be a doozy. The Law & Order mothership is doing a three-hour crossover for the premieres of all three shows. OC kicks off the marathon, as detectives investigate the mysterious death of a young girl and tie it to an international crime ring. By the third hour, Jack McCoy (Sam Waterson) and Nolan Price (Hugh Dancy) prosecute the case.

The name of the three-part episode is “Gimme Shelter.”