‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’: Everything Fans Hope to See in Season 3

by Joe Rutland

If you think that fans of Law & Order: Organized Crime were done with their plans for the show in Season 2, then think again. They are definitely hungry for some things to pick up in Season 3. Watching Chris Meloni come back as Stabler is a treat for anyone who is in touch with the L&O Universe. But there are other characters in the show’s make-up that deserve some attention.

For Bell, they hope that she gets better treatment than what Denise was putting out. Fans are glad to see Bell as the first black and lesbian head of police in the L&O franchise world. But Bell broke through safety protocols to tell Denise that Kilbride was part of an investigation. Denise was resentful of that news and after Bell suggested Kilbride could be dangerous, she took off with their infant son. Well, fans sure hope that Bell will get her son back and get involved with someone else beyond Denise.

Fans Want More Back More Jet, Nova Storylines On ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’

Will Jet get more time together with Malachi? Yep, we know that they broke up. Season 2 showed that Jet had the ability to bring her wit and tech-savvy abilities as part of the role. But her insecurities would lead to the breakup between her and the hacker. But fans definitely want to see more of Jet in Season 3. Oh, they want more Nova on the show, too. Yes, her train trip does imply that she killed Preston Webb and that looks like the end of her storyline. She tried to work with Bell in Season 1. But Nova was bumped up to a series regular in Season 2. Fans sure want to see more of this character.

Fans followed the ongoing antics of Richard Wheatley, played by Dylan McDermott. Yes, he did get out of those characters he was facing. Where are the courtroom scenes? They want to see more court scenes in Season 3. If the show would not be so focused on characters’ deaths and allowed for more court time, then it might work better. And can we have more small victories in episodes?

Can These Viewers Get More Family Time As Part Of The show?

OK, fans also are tired of seeing undercover cops. We get more from TV Fanatic. Stabler has gone undercover twice, which means those mob bosses probably know when he’s around. Of course, he went into the Albanian mob when his name was on the news thanks to the Wheatley trial. Why not put lesser-known cops on the undercover beats? And, while we are on it, let’s have more family stories. Fans are digging their time seeing Stabler’s mom show up along with Eli having issues.