‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’: Major Actress Spotted Filming Scene Alongside Chris Meloni

by Joe Rutland

We’re getting news that a big-time actress happened to be spotted shooting some scenes with Chris Meloni of Law & Order: Organized Crime. Camilla Belle was seen working alongside Meloni, who plays Elliot Stabler in the NBC crime drama. According to Daily Mail reports, Belle was wearing a black dress and had a short bob haircut.

While she was wearing that look, Meloni reportedly had on a checkerboard suit and tie. Who will Belle play in the episode? Well, she’s going to star as Pearl Serrano, who turns out is a partner to Teddy Silas, played by Gus Halper, according to a Deadline report. Organized Crime will be part of a three-show crossover when it debuts for another season on September 22.

Chris Meloni of ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Reveals What He Bought With His Own Money

You may have seen Belle in other movies like 10,000 BC, From Prada to Nada, and When a Stranger Calls. Looking upon her resume of work, it appears that this will be her biggest TV role to date. Belle is 35 years old. Her recent work includes a turn in the movie Carter that aired on Netflix. She also appeared in the Tubi flick 10 Truths About Love, The Ballad of Jack and Rose, The Chumscrubber, and The Quiet.

Meanwhile, let’s look at a little more news from Meloni. You know, when you get successful there are times when you end up having your own money. Even before those days, if you work at another job, then you get paid. Well, for Meloni, he would reveal what he bought with his own money. It’s a funny reply, but he’s right to the point. There is no joshing around on this one.

SiriusXM host Erc Alper happened to ask on Twitter a question: “What was the first thing that you bought from money you earned by yourself?” Here’s what Meloni said in reply. “Condoms and beer,” he said. “Never looked back.” Well, there’s an answer that you can read and dissect if you choose to do so. Meloni happened to make headlines earlier this year when he appeared in a Peloton commercial in the buff.

The responses were hot and heavy, to say the least. One person who did not disappoint us with a reaction is Meloni’s longtime Law & Order: SVU co-star Ice-T. The actor-musician headed out on Twitter to share his thoughts after seeing the ad himself. He wrote, “OK.. My guy @Chris_Meloni is a WILD MF! I’m done… lol”. Yep, if you have seen the advertisement itself, then we might agree that Meloni was wildin’ a little bit here. Well, look for Meloni to come on back as Stabler and take his best shot at the bad guys.