‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’: New Couple in the Show Could Cause Trouble for Stabler

by Megan Molseed

The third season of the latest addition to the Law & Order franchise, Law & Order: Organized Crime is about to drop this fall and things are already getting exciting! According to recent updates on the popular TV drama’s upcoming season note that a new couple will mean trouble for Christopher Meloni’s detective Elliot Stabler.

Law & Order: Organized Crime’s Elliot Stabler Could Be Facing Some Complications With A New Series Power Couple

Now that fans know for sure that Law & Order: Organized Crime will be returning to NBC in September, we are eagerly anticipating news on the show’s third-season storylines. Now, one small piece of info is intriguing us all. As a reported “power couple” headed to popular the series. All as Stabler and his crew continue to tackle the Organized Crime plaguing the city, of course!

According to reports, a new casting announcement notes that Meloni’s Law & Order character could have his work cut out for him. This news comes with this new casing announcement as Camilla Belle and Gus Halper. This duo will portray a “power” couple in this upcoming season.

What Can Fans Expect From These New Organized Crime Characters?

Law & Order: Organized Crime showrunners have been fairly quiet about what the addition of Belle and Harper will mean in the show’s third season. We do know, however, that the duo is portraying characters named Pearl Serrano and Teddy Silas. The couple is described as a “New York City power couple.”

So far in the show’s two-season run, Stabler and his Law & Order: Organized Crime crew have gone head to head with a variety of big shots within the New York City organized crime syndicate. He has gone deep investigating the Italian mafia, gone undercover taking down the Irish mob. Stabler and his team have even faced the Russian bratva. Maybe a scheming power couple steeped inside the New York City Organized Crime syndicate be next?

Where Have We Seen This New Law & Order Stars?

Camilla Belle has most recently played in a Korean-based action film Carter, which has aired on the popular streaming service, Netflix. Belle is also featured in the Tubi feature titled 10 Truths About Love. She has also starred with Eddie Falco in The Quiet. As well as in the popular early 2000 thriller When a Stranger Calls.

Gus Halper has his own Netflix feature set to hit the streaming service titled Rustin. Halper has also been featured in multiple cable TV drama series. Including AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead and HBO’s Love Life.

Gus Halper isn’t new to the Law & Order franchise, either. The actor has had a successful run on Law & Order: True Crime—The Menendez Brothers, in which he portrays Erik Menendez.