‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Season 2 Finale: Stabler Is Found Out in High-Stakes Trailer

by Suzanne Halliburton

Stop us if you’ve heard this before. Elliot Stabler is in trouble in tonight’s Law & Order: Organized Crime season finale. We’re talking extermination kind of trouble, but from the guys wearing blue.

NBC released a short trailer to highlight what’s coming in tonight’s finale called “Friend or Foe.” Guess what. Frank Donnelly is a foe, a big, big foe. Yes, he named his youngest son after Stabler (Christopher Meloni). But that doesn’t mean this leader of a group of rogue cops won’t pull the trigger.

Check out the trailer and come back on the other side for some more Law & Order: Organized Crime details.

In Law & Order: Organized Crime Promo, Donnelly Gets a Tip

So, you can see from the trailer, somebody tips off Donnelly (Denis Leary). He gets a call, telling him “Elliot Stabler is undercover, Frank.”

And what’s Donnelly’s reaction? “I think what we always do with a rat, exterminate him. It’s time to take him down.” Later in the trailer, you see Donnelly confronting Stabler and he’s got backup.

If you’ve been watching this latest story arc, Donnelly leads a gang of cops on the take. They don’t steal from your average citizens. Rather, they take money from criminals. Somehow, in Donnelly’s warped view, this is perfectly OK, even if he has to bury the cash in his backyard.

When this plotline started earlier this spring, Donnelly randomly got in touch with Stabler. The fathers of both men were cops and knew each other. Publicly, Stabler made a scene at Organized Crime headquarters, with his old partner Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) even helping him in the ruse. It’s got all the cops talking. Everybody believes Stabler is on the outs with Bell (Danielle Mone Truitt). But he was undercover to investigate The Brotherhood. And in tonight’s episode, The Brotherhood figures it out.

It already looked like Donnelly was trying to set up Stabler to take a fall for one big robbery involving Preston Webb. But Donnelly tried to explain that away in the last episode. He was just testing Stabler. And someone lifted his credit card from a bar receipt. Simple, right?

Donnelly also intended to take his money and skip town to Central America, taking his wife and baby son with him. But from the Law & Order: Organized Crime promo, Donnelly hasn’t left, as yet.

Hit Woman Chased Stabler Last Week

Last week, also was super stressful for those folks who love Stabler. The above gif shows Sloot and Bell talking to Stabler about the hitman hired to take him out. Nova, who is working undercover with the Marcy Killers, called with the bad news. (Check out the Outsider recap here).

And Stabler needed to escape multiple attempts on his life by BellaDonna, the mysterious hitwoman. We’re assuming Webb hired her. He thinks Stabler stole money from him (no, that was Donnelly). So he told Stabler he gets to accept payback in the currency of his choice. And that was Stabler’s death.

Stabler managed to arrest BellaDonna after an intense fight at his home. And she’s offered evidence on Webb. The OC team is planning to arrest him in tonight’s finale. But you know what they say about best-laid plans. Mob bosses can make them fall apart.

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