Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Season 2 Finale: Stabler Is Riddled With Guilt Over Busting Fellow Cops

by Suzanne Halliburton

Law & Order: Organized Crime fans, have you caught your breath yet after Thursday’s finale? Don’t go anywhere near a canal or a train. And it’s OK to cry with Elliot Stabler, who felt so guilty after he busted a band of renegade cops.

And to think, there also was a commercial break where we all pondered whether Stabler (Christopher Meloni) had met his maker. After all, he took two bullets to the chest. No one knew he was wearing a bulletproof vest until Bell got there.

So catch your breath and let’s recap Law & Order: Organized Crime and its season two finale, “Friend or Foe.” In the case of Stabler, he had several foes, two of whom didn’t make it through the episode.

Ending of Marcy Killers Made for Quick Arrests

First, let’s go to the case of the Marcy Killers and their leader, Preston Webb. Cassandra, his wife, was concerned about the whereabouts of her husband. He’d gone off the grid after BellaDonna, the hitwoman, couldn’t finish the assignment to kill Stabler in last week’s episode.

Sloot figured out where Webb was. He was dead. Someone shot him in the chest and left his body by a canal. But who killed one of the most powerful underworld figures in NYC? Organized Crime figured out that Preston Webb didn’t order the hit on Stabler. That was Cassandra. She possibly killed her husband as well. She was arrested when she came to the morgue to identify the body.

Now, on to The Brotherhood. And this case continued to shock throughout the episode. In the beginning, Stabler met with Gus, his father’s old partner, to tell him he had proof that Gus shot his father in the leg years ago to cover up the killing of a suspect. So Gus called Donnelly and told him: “He’s not one of us. Your partner is undercover. … Don’t make me say it again. Watch your back.”

And Donnelly tells Gus he plans to exterminate the rat. Then he sets out to do so. First, Donnelly made up a fake location for Webb to trap Stabler. But Stabler jumped out of a window. He still got shot several times. Donnelly thought he was dead and left him there. Stabler figured out it was best to let everyone think he’d died so he could gain an advantage over Donnelly. Meanwhile, he tells Bell: “I feel like I’ve been trampled by an elephant.”

Law & Order: Organized Crime Confrontation Was Intense

Eventually, Stabler has his run-in with Donnelly. Literally. Stabler smashes his SUV into Donnelly’s car. They both jump out and confront each other. What’s sad is they both really formed a friendship despite the whole criminal enterprise thing.

“Let me take you in Frank … I didn’t want it to end this way,” Stabler tells him. Donnelly (Denis Leary) wants to know why Stabler even started the investigation. “Nobody cares about cops except other cops We’re all we have. … I set you and your family up for life. You threw that all the way.”

“You were a good cop,” Stabler says, “a decorated officer. (And) you took a wrong turn.” Both men hear a train coming.

Stabler Is Horrified At Donnelly’s Demise

Then came the line that sliced through Stabler: “You broke my heart, pal.” Donnelly steps on the track and allows the train to bulldoze him. And unlike Stabler earlier in the episode, Donnelly really was dead.

Law & Order: Organized Crime tried to end the episode with a feel-good medal ceremony for Stabler. He wiped away tears as Bell told him the department planned to honor him for his good work. The whole family showed up for the ceremony to watch as Stabler received the green cross. But he had a stop before he could catch his breath. Stabler met the father of the young victim his father’s partner killed so many years ago.

Later, Stabler’s mother asks him about Donnelly. She’d heard the name at the medal ceremony. “He was a friend, a very good cop and a very corrupt cop,” Stabler answers. “And he killed himself, leaving a wife and a little baby. And I feel responsible in some way.”

But wait, there’s more to Law & Order: Organized Crime. Bell goes home to find her wife left her with the baby. And we see Nova and her brother on a bus. Nova says she quit her job. She won’t be working undercover anymore. There’s not much more to do. Webb is dead. And Kilbride was arrested. Her brother gets an alert on his phone. Cassandra Webb no longer is a person of interest in her husband’s murder.

Wonder who killed him? “Could have been anyone, I guess,” Nova says, as she looks off in the distance.