Law & Order: Organized Crime Shows How Brutal Train Scene Was Shot in Finale

by Suzanne Halliburton

Law & Order: Organized Crime fans, remember that scene in the finale when Stabler confronted Frank Donnelly? It didn’t end so well for the leader of the Brotherhood.

In fact, if you watched the finale, you know that Stabler’s two main adversaries both suffered painful deaths. Someone shot Preston Webb (Mykelti Williamson), the leader of the Marcy Killers, and left his body by the side of a river. And Donnelly (Denis Leary) decided he’d rather be smashed by a locomotive than allow Stabler (Christopher Meloni) to arrest him. So there, on our TV screens, we saw Donnelly casually step in front of a train.

Do you ever wonder how TV editors can create that kind mayhem? Wolf Entertainment shared a reel on Instagram this week showing how the editors of Law & Order: Organized Crime created their magic in the key scene. (It’s OK to look, there is no blood involved.) It’s all about the green screen. So take a look at this slight of hand, what the social media team declared as “green screen magic.”

So let’s set up the key Law & Order: Organized Crime key scene. Donnelly led a rogue group of cops who call themselves the Brotherhood. They even get matching tats. They’re all good cops who spent their careers often dealing with the dregs of society. Somewhere along the way, Donnelly and his buddies decided no one would care if they stole cash from drug dealers or other criminal organizations. They used the money to take care of their families.

In the newest Law & Order spinoff, Elliot Stabler often goes undercover. In the final story arc of season two, Stabler pretended to be a cop who didn’t mind playing outside the legal lines. His father and Donnelly’s dad were cops together. So Donnelly thought Stabler could be a recruit. Stabler ended up evolving into Donnelly’s chief lieutenant. But the Brotherhood also stole from the Marcy Killers. And Donnelly made sure to make it look like Stabler was doing the stealing.

As Stabler investigated the Brotherhood, he also looked back at whether his father really deserved a medal for bravery. The medal might’ve been the result of Stabler’s dad and his partner killing an unarmed suspect and then cooking up a story. Stabler got to the bottom of it. Stabler’s dad’s old partner ratted out Stabler to Donnelly.

Denis Leary and Christopher Meloni played friends and enemies in Law & Order: Organized Crime season two. (Vince Bucci/Getty Images

A lot of the good cop/bad cop storyline played on Stabler’s loyalty to the men and women in his own profession. He knew they mostly were good policemen and he felt guilt about investigation. Donnelly even named his newborn son Elliot.

The investigation of the Marcy Killers, which also was a running story line in Law & Order: Organized Crime, seemed more clear cut. Preston Webb appeared to be a successful businessman, somewhat in the mold of Richard Wheatley (Dylan McDermott). Webb gave back to his community and his beautiful wife ran an art gallery. But he also was running a ruthless drug gang. Nova, who was working undercover, had risen to one of the top lieutenants in the organization. Someone killed Webb. We never even saw the confrontation. His wife was arrested for the crime. But there are signs that Nova pulled the trigger to protect her brother.

The third season of Law & Order: Organized Crime premieres Sept. 22.