‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Sneak Peek: Team Goes All Out to Protect Stabler From Hitman

by Suzanne Halliburton

Yes, Elliott Stabler is in danger. And in the latest tease for tonight’s Law & Order: Organized Crime, we’re seeing how everyone is reacting to news that a hitman could be behind the door or lurking on the street.

TV Insider posted an exclusive sneak of tonight’s Law & Order: Organized Crime hour called “Streets Is Watching.” (Yes, episode names in this season’s final story arc are all a nod to Jay Z).

Here’s the Set-Up for Law & Order: Organized Crime Promo

First, let’s set up the action. Here’s the plot tease from NBC: “When the task force discovers a threat to Stabler’s life, the pressure is on to gather all the evidence to put Webb away for good. Donnelly gives the Brotherhood surprising news. Nova is forced to take a drastic step to keep her brother safe.”

Now, let’s go back to the ending of last week’s episode. Preston Webb already was irritated with Stabler (Christopher Meloni). And Donnelly, the rogue cop in charge of The Brotherhood, is setting up Stabler for a big fall, be it from Webb or the authorities. Plus, Webb’s wife, Cassandra, is really, really mad. We don’t know how involved she is with the Marcy Killers, Webb’s shady business. But we can tell she helps call some of the shots. She’s pushing her husband for payback.

As the episode ends, Nova lets Bell know that Webb ordered a hit on Stabler. In the promo for Thursday’s episode, we learn that Stabler moved his mother and son to his daughter’s apartment.

Stabler drops by the Organized Crime office. And Bell informs him of how much security they’re using. Bell ordered security for herself outside her building. And Stabler also has 24/7 rotating security. The first pair to pull Stabler duty are Victoria Cho and Carlo Maldonado. Cho tells Stabler “we’ve got your back.” Stabler says “I know you do.”

Stabler asks about the latest info from Nova. Then he and Bell speculate on who the Marcy Killers are using.

“Could be a new recruit, someone who wants to make their bones,” Stabler says. Then Sloot gives Stabler an awkward kind of hug. .

“All this talk about hits and hitmen, she says, “I just feel really weird.”

Then Bell offers this thought. “Something’s not adding up. Why is Webb making this move now?”

Team Has an Idea — Follow the Money

“He got robbed three times,” Stabler says. “He’s not getting his money back, so he’s getting his street cred back. Somebody’s going to pay for it.”

Sloot tells Stabler and Bell “if we can get his money back, maybe we can fix this.” (Note, Donnelly probably stole all the money. We know he has part of it.)

Bell says: “We could,” but then mentions that one key guy isn’t going to give them any information. Stabler says “let’s go the other way to the Ullrich mansion, Who allowed Moss to gain access and walk out of there with all that cash,” That’s where the clip ends. You can watch the video here.

And, here’s the official NBC trailer for tonight’s Law & Order: Organized Crime episode. Webb hired at least one woman to kill Stabler. And she gets close.