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‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Ainsley Seiger Drops Hilarious Photo After Wrapping Filming on Season 2

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

It’s no secret that the Law & Order set doesn’t exactly reflect the deathly serious situations in which the characters constantly find themselves. On the contrary, anytime a video or image surfaces of the actors’ behind-the-scenes antics, it’s clear that everyone in the franchise genuinely enjoys each other’s company and sense of humor.

Though she’s only been a member of the Law & Order family for a year, Ainsley Seiger has already been embraced by her co-stars. And as Season 2 of Law & Order: Organized Crime came to a close, Seiger proved just how friendly she is with her fellow actors by posting an image of what appears to be her dressing room door on Twitter.

The piece of tape reads “Jet,” the name of Ainsley Seiger’s Law & Order character. Next to it in smaller writing, however, someone added, “poops her pants”. Another piece of tape rests beneath the name tag, reading, “Allegedly. Not confirmed,” in a third person’s handwriting.

‘Law & Order’ Star Ainsley Seiger Shows Off Comedic Chops on Twitter

Those who found the tape tweet to be vulgar should refrain from scrolling any further through Ainsley Seiger’s Twitter posts. Ainsley Seiger clearly has a talent for social media, and the Law & Order star uses Twitter to display her penchant for dark humor.

Then, of course, there’s the gem below. Ainsley Seiger posted an image of herself and Chris Meloni on set, Meloni striking a strange pose (as usual), and Seiger paying absolutely no attention. “Taken moments after he told I had the energy of a chainsmoking carnival barker with a gambling problem,” Seiger wrote. “Scarily accurate.”

In a less Morticia Addams-esque joke, Seiger once hilariously tweeted that she’s accidentally stolen an unknown number of socks from the Law & Order set. “NBC I’m so sorry,” she wrote. “But I’ve accidentally stolen so many socks from set because I keep forgetting to take them off. Like I am losing track of how many. I do not know where all these socks are coming from. Don’t fire me.”

Ainsley Seiger Describes Working With ‘Law & Order’ Legend Chris Meloni

Though she once furiously tweeted that Chris Meloni didn’t recognize her when he passed her on the street, Ainsley Seiger’s real opinion of Meloni is much higher. In an interview with Looper, Seiger gushed about her relationship with Meloni.

“I feel really lucky to have a great relationship with Chris,” she said. “My favorite thing to say about Chris is that he is so funny and he is so willing to dive into a joke or a bit, and he doesn’t take anything personally. That’s my favorite thing about working with him.”

“He can be very intense and very serious,” Seiger continued. “And he can be very ‘I’m protective Elliot Stabler’. When the cameras are not rolling, he’s having the best time. I love to look over in the corner of the room and see him almost in splits, just hanging out.”