‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Chris Meloni Drops New Behind-the-Scenes Video With Danielle Mone-Truitt

by Suzanne Halliburton

Law & Order: Organized Crime Chris Meloni star shared a behind-the-scenes snippet with TV partner Danielle Mone-Truitt. And he also dropped another sneaky detail.

Meloni did all this Friday on his Instagram page. Law & Order: Organized Crime started production in NYC for season three earlier this month. And the cast definitely is shedding the rust after a relaxing summer hiatus. (Meloni did stuff like water ski and make a naked exercise video for Peloton while on summer vacation).

The actor who plays Elliot Stabler focused on Mone-Truitt, who portrays his partner, Sgt. Ayanna Bell. In the video, she’s getting her eye makeup done before she goes in front of the cameras. As Bell, Mone-Truitt always is put together. And she looks great while busting mob guys and various other nasty criminals.

“This is how the magic happens,” Meloni says to the camera. And makeup artist Shaun Thomas Gibson agrees. “Gorgeous,” he proclaims.

Then Meloni drops this detail. “They don’t do that for me,” he adds. So now we know. Elliot Stabler doesn’t wear makeup. However, we’re betting the Law & Order: Organized Crime makeup people powder his shaved head between takes.

Law & Order: Organized Crime hasn’t dropped any details on what sort of story arcs the show will have for season three. The show did an abbreviated season in the spring of 2021. Then the series divided season two into three sets of arcs. Stabler went undercover in two out of the three, battling the Kosta Organization, then the Brotherhood, i.e. a group of rogue cops. In the other plotline, Stabler fought Richard Wheatley (Dylan McDermott) both physically and mentally.

Bell stood beside Stabler every step of the way. The season two finale wrapped up the storylines with the Brotherhood and Marcy Killers. But Bell probably is in a bad emotional spot as season three opens. Why? Her wife, Denise, left her in the finale and took their baby. Bell had no idea the relationship break was coming until she came home to an empty apartment.

However, Bell’s job played a big part in Denise leaving. After all, as Bell objected, Denise joined Congressman Kilbride’s law firm. And since Kilbride also took illegal kickbacks from the Marcy Killers, he got arrested.

But let’s circle back to Meloni, Mone-Truitt and social media. This wasn’t the first time this week that Meloni kidded his TV partner for everyone to see. Mone-Truitt posted a photo of the two of them looking all happy at the start of season three production. She captioned the photo “Back like we neva left!!!! (Law & Order: Organized Crime) Season 3 with my guy Chris Meloni.”

Meloni did a retweet, adding “wish you’d consulted me on the hairdo change.” And he added the hashtag “Iwasgonnadobraids.”

Law & Order: Organized Crime premieres Sept. 22. We’re betting Meloni posts more clips between now and then.