‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Chris Meloni Gives Crew Member Worst Birthday ‘Surprise’ Ever

by Samantha Whidden

Never one to be conventional, Law & Order: Organized Crime star Chris Meloni gives a crew member the worst birthday present ever.

On Saturday (August 27th), Chris Meloni took to his Instagram to share details about the gift he gave the Law & Order: Organized Crime castmate. This also included a picture featuring the present. “Big #OC day yesterday! [Rebecca Perkins] had a birthday and I surprised her with some of my nail clippings. She was SO surprised and you can tell by her face that she LOVED it. Happy birthday kid!”

Law & Order fans flocked to Chris Meloni’s social media post to wish the show’s makeup artist birthday wishes. “Happy birthday, Rebecca Perkins!! And I wish you the most blessed and happiest day of your life today and may god bless you!!”

“At least it wasn’t a bag of knuckle dust? Happy birthday Rebecca,” another fan declared. “Hahahaha my lord that’s insane and inspired.” 

Chris Meloni is currently preparing for the third season of the hit TV series. The show first premiered in April 2021 and was quickly renewed for a second season, which premiered in September 2021. In May 2022, the show was also renewed for a third season that will premiere on September 22nd. 

Chris Meloni Reveals What He Enjoys Most About Expanding the ‘Law & Order’ Universe 

While speaking to Nerds of Color, Chris Meloni spoke about what he enjoys about expanding the Law & Order universe.

“I like the serialized nature of the storytelling,” Chris Meloni further explained. “It gives us a little more operating room to dig into relationships and dig into the story, it’s as simple as that. I just really enjoy living that kind of storytelling.”

When asked about the fan response to the new show and of him returning to the Law & Order franchise, Chris Meloni had some thoughts. “I mean, you walk around, you go… The feelings are real and deep, the sadness of you having left was real and deep, and your return is celebrated, but a little like, ‘ehhh.’ I mean, it’s all so human, all so real, and very heartwarming and appreciated. It’s not lost on me.”

In regards to what his character has taught him, Chris Meloni added, “I think there’s been a lot of cross-pollinating. We’ve fed each other. There are personal things in my life that get addressed or get dealt with, I guess, in a way on the show and vice versa. I was just saying to someone, because this just hit me recently, that Ellen has, for me, to me, turned into a surrogate mother in certain respects and I never thought that would happen, but it really is.”