‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Chris Meloni’s ‘Haunted’ House Purchased by ‘Red Notice’ Director

by Taylor Cunningham

Law & Order: Organized Crime’s frontman Chris Meloni has officially sold his famous haunted house to Red Notice director Rawson Marshall Thurber during an off-market transaction.

According to the Dirt, Thurber bought the spooky residence for $5.9 million. The home is a sprawling five-bedroom and seven-bathroom mansion that sits on a half-acre in the heart of Los Angeles. The building boasts a grand center hall, as well as an elaborate living room fireplace. Outside, guests and residents will also find a separate guest house and pool.

And aside from all the perks above, the home also comes complete with its very own ghost. Meloni’s former home was built back in 1916. And in the 1950s and 60s, it was occupied by sitcom greats Ozzie and Harriet Nelson. Since then, Harriet moved on and later passed in 1994. But apparently, Ozzie stuck around.

The star died of liver cancer while inside the house in 1975. He was 68-years-old. And rumor has it that his spirit has refused to vacate the premises.

After he died, multiple people bought and sold Chris Meloni’s former haunted house. And many of them have publically shared stories of the ghostly hijinks that surrounded them while they lived there.

Spooky Stories Have been Surrounding Chris Meloni’s Former Haunted House for Decades

Yahoo reported that model train sets will randomly start running on their own in the middle of the night, and doors just open by themselves—even though they were locked. Also, residents frequently smell rosy perfume with no apparent explanation. And in some cases, pajamas will fly off of people as they sleep at night, which is a trick that Ozzie never would have used on the wholesome sitcom that made him famous, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet.

And these reports are so frequent that they’re taken quite seriously. After hearing too many bizarre tales, real estate agent Billy Rose, who has sold the home three times, is now disclosing that his listing is inhabited by an otherworldly being.

As he told the Los Angeles Times last year, anyone who buys the digs will know “that their purchase would be agreeable to the resident ghosts.”

Another listing agent named Eric Lowry also told Yahoo Homes that he heard Ozzie used to enjoy ice cream at night. Previous clients shared that they’d frequently wake up to find the drawer next to the kitchen sink open, which is just where the ice cream scoop lived.

“His only vice was ice cream — and oh boy, what a vice!” Harriet shared back in 1981.

But apparently, Ozzie doesn’t get to eat his favorite dessert now that the house has been remodeled.

“That’s not true any longer,” Lowry said, noting that the house has a new kitchen. “I guess Ozzie went and got his scoop somewhere else.”

Nonetheless, a ghostly roommate doesn’t appear to bother Rawson Marshall Thurber. He moved into the home in January and hasn’t run in terror yet. But hopefully, if he does meet the ghost of Ozzie Nelson, he shares the story with his adoring fans.