‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Chris Meloni Posts Sweet Throwback Pic With Son Dante

by Suzanne Halliburton

Christopher Meloni, the intense star of Law & Order: Organized Crime, tossed it back 14 years to show a silly family moment.

Meloni explained that a friend sent him an old photo from 14 years back. And in it, he’s rough-housing with his son, Dante, on a dock by a lake/river. Dante had just gotten out of the water and his dad gave him a bear hug. Dante probably was at the age when he was constantly eye rolling and telling his dad “be cool.”

The Law & Order: Organized Crime star captioned the photo: “A friend sent and reminded me- 14 years ago today I mauled Dante Meloni.” Meloni then hash-tagged it with the phrase #noregretsjustlove.

Dante is 18 now. During the past 14 years in the Meloni family, everything changed, then nothing did. Meloni left his gig playing Elliot Stabler on Law & Order: SVU over a contract dispute. Then 15 months ago, Meloni and NBC revived Stabler and gave him his new show — Law & Order: Organized Crime. The series marks the final hour of Law & Order Thursdays.

Meloni and his fellow Law & Order: Organized Crime are enjoying some relaxation time before season three of their series picks up production later this summer. Meanwhile, the Dick Wolf production changed showrunners for the third season, with Bryan Goluboff replacing Barry O’Brien.

There also are few clues as to what the story arcs will be for season three. Typically, when one ends, the show already is laying out the next block of episodes. In season two, Meloni went undercover as Eddie Wagner to bust up the Kosta Organization. Then he went after Richard Wheatley. And after the third arc, both Preston Webb (Marcy Killers) and Frank Donnelly (The Brotherhood) were dead. Meanwhile, Congressman Kilbride was in jail.

However, there were some loose ends in the finale. Cassandra Webb (Jennifer Beals) had been arrested for killing her husband and placing a hit order on Stabler. But Nova, the undercover agent, left the city with her brother, who had crossed Preston Webb. Her brother read a breaking news story reporting that Cassandra no longer was suspected of killing Preston. Was Nova, who had risen to one of the bosses of the Marcy Killers, the real culprit? Was Cassandra the real heft behind the Marcy Killers? There still are stories to tell here if Law & Order: Organized Crime opts to keep Beals or Nona Parker Johnson (Nova) in the recurring cast.

You can read what the fans think here.

Writers also gave Stabler heavy family issues. As a side plot line for the final arc of season two, Stabler investigated whether his father was a bad cop. Spoiler alert, the father did help cover up a bad act by his partner.

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