‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Chris Meloni Reveals His Favorite Aspect of the Spinoff Series

by Megan Molseed

The Law & Order franchise has been a big part of television for decades now. However, the latest spin-off series, Law & Order: Organized Crime is slightly different from the others. And, it’s this difference, notes Organized Crime star Chris Meloni, that is one of his favorite aspects of the series.

For many years, Law & Order fans have enjoyed following some of our favorite characters as they solve crimes throughout the Big Apple. However, for much of the franchise’s history, most Law & Order episodes – and franchise installments – don’t put a lot of time into developing these detectives’ personal lives.

But Organized Crime, Meloni says, veers from this tradition. Instead, this latest Law & Order franchise series takes time to delve into the on-screen relationships. Focusing not only on the crimes they are solving but also on the relationships among the cast of characters.

Law & Order’s Chris Meloni Likes Organized Crime’s Focus On the Larger Storylines

For Meloni, adding a serial element to Law & Order: Organized Crime gives the series more opportunities when it comes to storylines. And, the star notes, it’s fun to develop these deeper stories for the small screen.

“I like the serialized nature of the storytelling,” Chris Meloni says of the Law & Order series.

“It gives us a little more operating room to dig into relationships and dig into the story,” Meloni relates. “It’s as simple as that.” And, the star notes, it’s fun to develop these deeper stories for the small screen.

“I just really enjoy living that kind of storytelling,” the actor explains.

Organized Crime Is Returning To NBC For The 2022-23 Television Season

Recently, NBC announced that both the revival of the original Law & Order series, as well as Meloni’s Law & Order: Organized Crime will be returning for the upcoming 2022-23 television season. This will be Organized Crime’s third season on the air, and Law & Order’s 22nd season on NBC.

“The iconic Law & Order brand has long been synonymous with NBC,” notes NBCU Entertainment and Streaming President of Scripted Programming Lisa Katz of the popular franchise.

“And we couldn’t be more excited to bring back all three of these dramas for the 2022-23 season,” Katz announces. Katz continues on to add that each series within this popular franchise is full of memorable characters. Characters that make an impression on audiences. And, Katz notes, that this is a testament to the storytelling abilities of Law & Order creator, Dick Wolf.

“It’s a testament to the brilliance of Dick Wolf’s storytelling that audiences remain compelled by these unforgettable characters week after week,” Katz explains. “Year after year.”