‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Chris Meloni Shows off His ‘Roostertail’ Skills

by Suzanne Halliburton
Law & Order: Organized Crime Star Chris Meloni Shows off His "Roostertail" Skills

Yes, that’s Christopher Meloni, the 61-year-old star of Law & Order: Organized Crime, showing off his water skiing skills. We’re assuming Elliot Stabler can do the same if need be during an undercover operation.

Meloni posted a photo on Instagram, showing himself up on his skis, throwing a big wake behind him. Let’s just say his fans were big-time impressed.

The Law & Order: Organized Crime star captioned the photo: “Yeah we did #roostertail.”

Let’s look at a sampling at how the Meloni fans reacted to his water skills.

“Damn son, I like your moves,” one fan wrote. Yes, I think we all approve of these Meloni moves.

“It’s beautiful, Zaddy,” wrote another. We’re not finished with that Z theme. “ZADDYYYY’s home,” replied a fan. (Note, Zaddys are handsome older men who have style and charisma. For the record, Meloni embraces this term.)

There’s more. “Is there anything you can’t do?!?,” one fan asked. Add this gushing “and a nice looking tail it is.”

Meloni and the rest of the Law & Order: Organized Crime cast will report soon to begin work on season three. The fall premiere date is Sept. 22. So Meloni needs to get all that summer fun out of the way before he slips back into Elliot Stabler mode and becomes a vital part of the TV scene.

So we’re not sure of the storylines for Law & Order: Organized Crime season three storylines. Unlike the other two Law & Order shows (all on Thursday nights), OC puts together story arcs for its season. For season two, Meloni went undercover as Eddie Wagner to investigate the Kosta Organization, otherwise known as the Albanian mob. The middle story arc involved Richard Wheatley (Dylan McDermott), which picked up from the main season one storyline. Then the final arc had Stabler investigating the Marcy Killers and the Brotherhood. Preston Webb (Mykelti Williamson) led the Marcy Killers, although on the surface, most thought he was an upstanding businessman who constantly gave back to his Marcy neighborhood. Meanwhile, Frank Donnelly (Denis Leary) led a rogue group of cops who stole from criminals.

These storylines ran their courses. Donnelly stepped in front of a train and killed himself. Someone shot Webb in the chest and left his body for the police to find. Wheatley is presumed dead since he was with his ex-wife when she drove her car into the river. Besides, McDermott now stars on FBI: Most Wanted. He’s still in the Dick Wolf universe, but on the CBS side of things.

There’s a good chance the premiere of Law & Order: Organized Crime will be part of a three-show crossover event. Wolf did the same last season when he and CBS introduced FBI: International with a storyline that started with FBI and ended with FBI: Most Wanted.

So Meloni may not have more time to work on his water skiing. Stick with Outsider for more Law & Order: Organized Crime details.