‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Chris Meloni Speaks on How Stabler Has Rubbed Off on Him

by Megan Molseed

In 1999, the first Law & Order spin-off series, Law & Order: SVU hit the television airwaves. Starring Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni, Law & Order: SVU follows a team of New York detectives working to solve crimes within the Special VIctims Unit. The series was a near-instant hit. But, as the show’s 12th season came to a close, Meloni made a shocking exit from the series.

However, Christopher Meloni’s SVU character, Elliot Stabler was not gone forever. In 2021, the popular detective returned to the Law & Order franchise with a new series, Law & Order: Organized Crime. This means that, in total, Christopher Meloni’s character in the popular Dick Wold franchise series has been a big part of his life for 15 years. And, the actor notes, that portions of Stabler have certainly rubbed off on him over the years.

Law & Order Star Christopher Meloni Relates How His Series Counterpart Has Influenced His Life Over the Years

During a recent interview, Christopher Meloni discusses his time portraying his Law & Order character. In this interview, Meloni notes that while he doesn’t feel that his Elliot Stabler character has taught him anything specifically, the character still rubs off on him in many ways.

“I’ll say this, I think there’s been a lot of cross-pollinating,” Chris Meloni says of his Law & Order character.

“We’ve fed each other,” the Law & Order star explains; noting that sometimes personal issues in his own life are addressed or “dealt with” in the series.

“There are personal things in my life that get addressed,” Meloni relates.

“I guess, in a way on the show and vice versa,” the actor explains.

Storylines Involving Elliot Stabler’s Mother Have Made A Difference In His Own Life

As Meloni discusses ways that Elliot Stabler has rubbed off on him over the years, he mentions one specific relationship his own character has with another Law & Order: Organized Crime player. First introduced in Law & Order: SVU, Ellen Burstyn’s Bernadette Stabler is the mother of then fan-favorite detective.

The relationship between mother and son remains complicated, even in the new Law & Order series. Ellen Burstyn’s Bernadette Stabler is battling bipolar disorder. As a result, the mother and son relationship remains strained in many ways. However, since Elliot Stabler returned to the Law & Order franchise, his relationship with his mother has grown. And, Chris Meloni notes, the actress has turned into a sort of “surrogate mother” in some respects.

“I was just saying to someone, because this just hit me recently, that Ellen has, for me, to me, turned into a surrogate mother in certain respects,” the Law & Order star says of the actress.

“And I never thought that would happen,” the actor adds. “But it really is.”

Meloni also notes that this dynamic is an important one since he has recently lost his own mother.

“I lost my mother five years ago,” Meloni explains. “And I just find myself going, ‘Oh, I miss my mother.’”