‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Chris Meloni Teases Season 3 With Exciting New Video

by Suzanne Halliburton

No more summer hiatus for our favorites on Law & Order: Organized Crime. Christopher Meloni shared a quick video, Wednesday, that indicates production has started.

So who’s up for more Elliot Stabler? (Correct answer, we all are). Meloni had only one line in the video and it came at the end. “Here we go, season three, OC.”

For much of the clip, all you see are photos pinned to a vision board. And all the snaps figured into Law & Order: Organized Crime plotlines from season two.

NBC’s official Law & Order social media account replied to Meloni “We are buckled up.”

Most of Meloni’s Photos Deal with Albanian Mob. Is Eddie Wagner Making a Comeback?

Maybe the vision board is offering clues as to what sort of story arcs are coming for Law & Order: Organized Crime. Or, maybe we’re reading too much into the board. But since it’s the middle of July, scrutinizing the Insta tea leaves is all we’ve got. But the majority of the photos deal with Stabler’s undercover work to bust up the Kosta Organization. There are a smattering of snaps representing episodes about The Brotherhood and the Marcy Killers. But Richard Wheatley (Dylan McDermott) is noticeably absent.

We’re spitballing here. Could the opening story arc of Law & Order: Organized Crime be revisiting the Albanian mob? After all, the first several shots featured Meloni as shady criminal Eddie Wagner, who effectively faked out Jon Kosta (Michael Raymond-James) and his chief mob lieutenant Albi Briscu (Vinnie Jones). (Pro tip: When Stabler is Wagner, he grows out his beard.) There are even some photos of Flutera, Albi’s wife. Eddie and Flutera had quite the chemistry together. And Stabler was one of the few people around who knew that Albi was gay. Even Flutera didn’t know.

Then there was Eddie’s bro relationship with dim-witted Reggie, Albi’s nephew. Last we saw of Reggie (Dash Mihok), he was in witness protection and working at a full-service gas station. He looked miserable stomping around in the snow. And he wasn’t pleased when he learned the guy he knew as Eddie was an undercover cop.

Other Law & Order: Organized Crime Plot Lines Were Deadly

The middle story arc of Law & Order: Organized Crime revisited Richard Wheatley. Then this spring, the show picked up the concurrent storylines about The Brotherhood and the Marcy Killers. And these two storylines started stacking up bodies, although one main one was missing. Wheatley was presumed dead, although his body never was found after ex-wife Angela (Tamara Taylor) drove their car into the river. Brotherhood leader Frank Donnelly (Denis Leary) stepped in front of a train rather than allow Stabler to arrest him. And someone murdered Preston Webb (Mykelti Williamson). Maybe that’s what you get for ordering a hit on Elliot Stabler.

Season three premieres on Sept. 22. Law & Order: Organized Crime has a new showrunner. But so far, the series hasn’t announced any additional cast members. The season two finale, “Friend or Foe,” also didn’t end with a major cliffhanger. So stay tuned for more Stabler fun.