‘Law & Order’ Producer Teases New ‘Rollisi’ Storylines Coming

by Joe Rutland

For all of you Law & Order: SVU fans, we picked up a little news about one of our favorite couples from producer Julie Martin. She’s also a writer on the popular series starring Mariska Hargitay. But this update is not about her Olivia Benson character. It happens to involve “Rollisi” for those who know. If you don’t, then Kelli Giddish plays Detective Amanda Rollins while Peter Scanavino plays Dominick Carisi.

Both of the characters have been dating on the show and are quite an item. Fans may have wondered if anything would be done to continue their storyline into Season 24. Well, Martin spills the beans a little here. She responds on Twitter to a fan asking if she’s done interacting with her fans and followers. Obviously, Martin isn’t done yet and has been working. Let’s take a look at what she says in a reply to this fan and follower.

Kelli Giddish Talked About Friendship With Carisi on ‘Law & Order: SVU’

So, she’s working on some “Rollisi” pages, eh? Wouldn’t it be cool to see what she’s been putting down on some pages? This pretty much confirms, for the most part, that there will be more interactions between these two characters. Law & Order: SVU fans are going to be geeked about this news. Another fan writes, “Music to my ears, Julie!” That’s followed up by another reply, “EXACTLY”. See, these people know what’s going down.

One time, Giddish said in an interview that he was “so grateful” that the show portrays this aspect of Rollins. Which one is it? Her friendship with Carisi. “I think Carisi is the first person that Rollins calls or leans on or depends on throughout the tumult of being a working mom in New York and working on Special Victims and having a not-so-normal job,” Giddish told CinemaBlend. “And, you know, her kids love him and it’s a deep friendship. And I’m so grateful that we get to portray that onscreen and any moments that they give us to kind of flesh that out are just so easy to play with, with Peter.”

The development of their friendship and romance keeps people tuning back into the show week after week. Well, at least in the weeks they highlight “Rollisi.” With Martin’s words still ringing in their ears, fans cannot wait for Law & Order Thursday night to start up again on NBC. You better believe Giddish and Scanavino will be looking forward to getting scripts for this coming season. The same can be said about Hargitay, who, once again, will be leading the show in her starring role. She has been on there since Season 1 and fans will be focusing on Olivia, too.