‘Law & Order’ Revival Season Finale Concludes Sans-Cliffhanger, Leaving Fans Feeling Conflicted

by Megan Molseed

In its first season returning to the air after a twelve-year hiatus, Law & Order wasn’t about to leave fans hanging with the show’s 21st season finale. And, some longtime fans of the popular franchise aren’t sure how they feel about this move. After all, isn’t it the suspense that makes the popular NBC procedural dramas some of the most popular on TV?

The Law & Order 21st Season Finale Leaves Some Viewers Wanting A Little Bit More

Last week, fans tuned in to catch the finale to Law & Order’s first season back on the air. And, it was a tense one, as the detectives and attorneys find themselves working to solve the murder of an off-duty NYPD detective. The episode, titled Black and Blue hit close to home for multiple reasons.

First off, the murder of an NYPD detective is something that each one of the detectives and the attorney’s working on the case, take personally. The case gets even more personal as viewers learn that Jeffery Donovan’s detective Frank Cosgrove was friends with the slain detective.

The Charged Story Line in the Finale Had Many Viewers Expecting a Major Cliff-Hanger

As one would expect, the murder of an NYPD detective had the entire system working hard to bring the killer to justice. However, as with any Law & Order episode, things aren’t always what they seem. The case gets complicated when the killer is finally revealed. As the investigation progresses, the detectives learn the killer is a black woman who felt she was defending her own life in the deadly confrontation.

With this new information, Hugh Dancy’s ADA Nolan Price doesn’t charge the woman with murder. Emotions in the courtroom continue to run high as the case continues. Things become more and more intense as the racially-charged case boils down to a simple “he said, she said” case. However, the “he” that is involved in the case is the murder victim. The Law & Order team is then tasked with putting this information together on their own during the trial.

Law & Order Finale Brings Fans a Special Appearance in Revival’s First Cross-Over Event

This intense finale is a major case for the Law & Order team as a whole, no doubt. And, it’s a case that fans could easily see leading to some big last-minute twists.

However, these tense moments didn’t come as the episode comes to a close. In fact, the case wrapped up pretty easily, with justice finding every person involved in the case. Leaving the 22nd season premiere open to pretty much any storyline the series chooses to address.

While there was no cliffhanger ending to this finale, fans of the franchise got a special treat in the episode when SVU captain Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) appears in the revival’s very first crossover moment. The storyline also pulled in Terry Serpico’s SVU Chief Tommy McGrath.